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The Great Fox in Star Fox 64 3D.

The Great Fox (グレートフォックス) is the mother ship belonging to the Star Fox mercenary group in the Star Fox series.


The Great Fox is a giant ship that has four large wings. In the front of the ship is a port that allows Arwings to enter and exit the ship. The front of the Great Fox has two turrets that fire high-powered energy blasts. The Great Fox serves as the base of operations for every one of Fox's team adventures since Star Fox 64, and it serves purposes ranging from launching and carrying the Arwings to having ROB 64 send Fox supplies.

In the Super Smash Flash series

The Great Fox on Sector Z.

The Great Fox appeared in Super Smash Flash 2 (taken directly in Super Smash Bros.) in the Star Fox 64 stage Sector Z, where the Great Fox acts as the platform on which the players fight each other. The players can only traverse the ship length-wise. The ship is greatly scaled down (or the fighters are greatly scaled up), as normally, the entire Star Fox crew can fit comfortably in the cockpit, and the ship can store several Arwings and other large vehicles.

The Great Fox in the opening to SSF2 demo v0.9, along with Captain Falcon's Falcon Flyer and the Blue Falcon.

The Great Fox also makes also appearance in the opening movie in SSF2 demo v0.9.