Grab release

Isaac getting released from Pit's grab.

Grab releasing is an animation in Super Smash Flash 2 that plays when a character frees from a grab without getting thrown. Both the grabbed character and the grabbing character are sent backwards, while getting stuck in 10 frames of lag, save few exceptions.

The grabbed character is always released on the air slightly above the ground. The height and distance traveled is dependent on weight and falling speed and can be slightly altered by pressing the directional keys, working similarly to DI. The character that initiated the grab cannot change their trajectory and stays grounded during the whole animation.


While most characters suffer the same amount of lag from a grab release to prevent exploits, some have slight differences. Donkey Kong, Samus, Wario and Yoshi all suffer 9 frames of lags when releasing an opponent, one frame less than the standard. On the other hand, Jigglypuff is the only character to suffer more lag than others when grab released, suffering 11 frames of lag.

Command grabs that can be escaped do not necessarily follow regular grabs rules in terms of grab release lag. Donkey Kong's cargo throw always leaves him with frame advantage if his opponent breakes free.


Due to the opponent's ability to DI and practically no frame advantage gained from either character, true combos out of a grab release are not possible. However, characters that do not go far when grab released, such as Fox and Link, can be punished by fast attacks if they do not react quickly enough. Characters like Yoshi who have fast and fairly long ranged ground attacks can abuse this to perform quick combos that can lead to KO's at higher percents.

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