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SSF2 Good Egg Galaxy
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Good Egg Galaxy in Super Smash Flash 2.
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Good Egg Galaxy is a galaxy appearing in the stages compilation, Galaxy Tours, in Super Smash Flash 2. It is based on the second galaxy Mario must venture to in Super Mario Galaxy to gather the Power Stars hide in said galaxy. The Good Egg Galaxy is one of the few galaxies with no set theme that continues to be visible throughout the planets, so it can be considered the most basic galaxy within Starship Mario, so far. Additionally, the music theme for Starship Mario is the Good Egg Galaxy theme.


Matches in the Good Egg Galaxy's layout takes place on the starting planet which has two sides; a light side and a dark side. The light side is covered with grass, and there is a pleasant house alongside a tree with an orange Warp Pipe and sign post on its top which, the roof itself, acts as a soft platform to stand, there are two extra floating red platforms, that also are of the soft variation. There are two bridges, one on each side, that lead to the dark side of the planet, however, thanks to SSF2's physics, characters will fall and will be KO'ed without any interference of the gravity. The dark side, despite being unreachable, still posses some of the characteristics it had in Super Mario Galaxy like the big tower and the dead trees. In the background of the galaxy, many other planets can be spotted but cannot be reached, much like the one the Comet Observatory has. Among the planets found there it includes the Yoshi Egg-like shaped planet, the red-rocky planet, Dino Piranha's home planet and King Kaliente's battle fleet.


Cosmic Blooper

The starting planet with some other planets in the Good Egg Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy.

As stated above, the Good Egg Galaxy is the second galaxy Mario must travel, the first being the Gateway Galaxy. After Mario retrieves the first Grand Star from the Gateway Galaxy, the energy of the star merges with the beacon of the Comet Observatory opening the first dome to explore galaxies known as the Terrace.

The Good Egg Galaxy is the first galaxy found within the Terrace and because the lack of a central theme, like snow or lava for example, plus the variation of environments found on its planets, it is considered the only "true" and "basic" galaxy in the game. It also has the most planets any galaxy could have with a total of 19 planets.

All the missions, but one, in the galaxy start in the same starting planet, from taking different ways on the dark side Mario can find Launch Stars that will send to different part of the galaxy, Mario also fights two bosses in the galaxy, Dino Piranha in the first mission, and King Kaliente in the third mission.



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