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Giga Bowser
Mario symbol
Giga Bowser surrounded by Sora and Black Mage, on Chaos Shrine.
Universe Mario
User(s) SSF2 Bowser head
Type Final Form
Effect Bowser transforms into a more powerful, bigger, and vicious-looking version of himself.

Giga Bowser (ギガクッパ) is Bowser's Final Smash in Super Smash Flash 2.


Bowser becomes bigger and more powerful than his normal size. Giga Bowser can take damage, but will not flinch, which may let Bowser get KO'd when he reverts to normal Bowser.


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Ground attacks

Attack Description Damage
Standard attack Does a quick swipe. 7%
Standard attack 2 Does another swipe with his other claw. It does decent knockback but is hard to connect after the first attack. 9%
Forward tilt Headbutts forward. 20%
Forward smash Performs a very strong headbutt forwards. 31%-32%
Up tilt Swings a claw above him. 11%
Up smash Gets on all fours and lunges upwards with his shell. 2 hits. 40%
Down tilt Swings his body around in a circle. 15%
Down smash Retreats into his shell and rapidly spins in place. Each hit freezes opponents. 39% (Total)
Dash attack Slides forward while spinning in his shell. Final hit buries. 15%

Aerial attacks

Attack Description Damage
Neutral aerial Spins around in his shell. 15%
Forward aerial Slashes forward with his claw. 15%
Back aerial Arcs his back, attacking with his shell. 17%
Up aerial Swings his head above himself in an arc. 18%
Down aerial Goes into his shell, flips over, and spins rapidly. 25% (Total)

Special moves

Attack Name Description Damage
Standard special move Fire Breath Giga Bowser releases a large fireball, which explodes on contact. In the air, the fireball moves diagonally downwards. Can be angled up and down on the ground. 12%
Side special move Flying Slam Giga Bowser grabs the opponent and performs a flying suplex that can be controlled in whatever direction desired. 10%
Up special move Whirling Fortress Giga Bowser retreats into his shell which begins to rapidly spin to gain height. When used on the ground, he can slide across the ground very fast and can shield break very easily. 31% (Total)
Down special move Bowser Bomb Giga Bowser plummets downwards at a high speed before slamming into the ground in a sitting position. When used on the ground, he will hop into the air first before dropping. 4%


Misc. Description
Taunts Standard Stomps, throws his head back, and roars. Does 7% and has a windbox.
Special Abilities Takes no knockback.


Giga Bowser Melee

Mario fighting Giga Bowser in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Giga Bowser first appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee as a hidden boss in Adventure Mode. To get to him, Adventure Mode must be done on Normal difficulty or higher, in 18 minutes or less, and with no continues. Giga Bowser also appeared in the final event in Melee as an opponent, alongside with Ganondorf and Mewtwo. Giga Bowser would eventually return in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, but this time as a semi-playable character in Bowser's Final Smash. He reprises the same role in SSF2.

Strictly speaking, Giga Bowser did not appear in any Mario games, despite being a Mario character. Giga Bowser is likely based on the tradition of final boss fights in Mario games involving Bowser growing to gigantic size; this first appeared in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, featuring a massive version of Baby Bowser.


Bowser's special moves
Standard special move Fire Breath
Side special move Flying Slam
Up special move Whirling Fortress
Down special move Bowser Bomb
Final Smash Giga Bowser
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