Freezie in Super Smash Flash 2.
Universe Mario
In-game description Turns characters into a block of ice.

Freezie (Freezer, フリーザー, furīzā) is an enemy in the Mario Bros. arcade game and all of its subsequent remakes. It appeared in later levels to complicate the terrain. It would move along the platforms, then eventually cover one of them completely in ice, destroying itself in the process. This made the platform extremely slippery for players. If Mario made contact with a Freezie, he would lose a life and the only way to kill it was to jump onto the platform below it.

In Super Smash Flash 2

When a Freezie appears in Super Smash Flash 2, it slides across the stage on its own, speeding up if it encounters a slope. When picked up and thrown, any character hit by the Freezie will be frozen and knocked upwards. Freezies can break if attacked before being picked up. Freezies could easily KO a character at respectable percentages, as well as keeping characters trapped long enough to take a lot of damage.


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