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Fox McCloud
in Super Smash Flash 2
SSF2 Fox
Star Fox symbol
Fox's official pixel art.
Universe Star Fox
Stock icon SSF2 Fox head
Availability Starter
Weight class Light
Final Smash Landmaster
Tier B- (27)

Fox is a veteran starter character in Super Smash Flash 2. He was officially confirmed in the final October 2011 Dev Blog, and was officially added to the game in version 0.8. His sprites are custom-made and based on his appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. In addition, his moveset and voice clips are taken directly from the same game.

Fox currently ranks 27th on the current tier list, twenty spots lower from his 7th-place position last tier list. Fox possesses fast attacks, amazing ground mobility including a great dash dance, great combo ability, and powerful finishers in his up smash, up aerial, and back aerial. Fox's special moves are also quite useful. He has a decent projectile in his Blaster which can rack up damage very quickly and force his enemies to approach him. His Reflector is a great all-purpose tool which can be used to extend combos, edgeguard offstage, and reflect projectiles. His Fire Fox and Fox Illusion both cover long distances and have a tendency to punish edgeguards if they are not timed exactly right. Fox also has a string of kill confirm combos on the entire cast from his up throw to up aerial or his down aerial into up smash and more.

However, Fox has some absolutely glaring flaws. His gravity is the highest in the game, which gives him problems when trying to recover vertically or could lead him to SD'ing when performing an aerial offstage, most prominently forward air. He has extremely high accelerated falling speed, the highest in the game, which gives him an even greater vulnerability to chain grabs and combos than Donkey Kong. He is also a very light character, which allows enemies to force him offstage very early, creating frequent disadvantageous situations or outright killing him in the process. In addition, Fox's recovery moves are slow, linear, and have long startup times, which makes him extremely vulnerable to edgeguards. As a result of these attributes, he has a very limited offstage game. Fox's approach is subpar despite his great speed, as he lacks range on almost all of his attacks and his Blaster is purely defensive due to its nonexistent knockback.

Unlike most characters, Fox has a strong, dedicated player base that is composed of the top players online. Fox does have strong online tournament representation and is generally seen taking many top spots in tournaments.


Like Captain Falcon, Fox returned to how he is played in Super Smash Bros. Melee with a few exceptions. He is a very mobile ground character with having the third fastest dashing speed and currently the fastest walking speed. He has finishers in his up smash, up and back aerial which are easy to combo into.

He has a projectile in his Blaster which has transcendent priority, covers good horizontal distance, is useful for racking up damage, and can be used effectively in his short hop laser technique and can help refresh some of his attacks. His reflector, like the name implies, is used to reflect projectiles. However, Fox can use it in more ways by using it to aid in his combos while giving him numerous follow ups or using it to gimp his opponent and is a very important element in his metagame. His combo and damage racking ability is one of the best in the game with having a great SHFFL which gives him a good air game and when coupled with his reflector gives him amazing follow ups.

He has a great approach options with his amazing ground mobility and SHFFL aerials. He is a great edge guarder and breaking his guard will be troublesome.

He has a great grab game, possessing the thirteenth longest grab in the current demo, with most of his throws dealing low knockback and can set up combos. Forward throw can set up certain combos. Down throw is a meteor smash which can be used to set up tech-chases or be used on the ledge to start his edge guarding ability. His up throw can lead into some damaging combos at low percents while also can kill characters who posses average accelerated falling speed and above with his up air at death percentages. It can also chain grab himself and Falcon at low percents.

However, due to Fox being a fast faller, he is susceptible to juggling, combos and zero-to-death combos. These can lead to him being knocked off stage fairly easy to begin an edge guard or kill him out right due to his light weight.

His projectile, while good for camping, does not make the opponent flinch which leaves him unable to stop his opponent from approaching.

His recovery options are linear and predictable. Fox Illusion covers only horizontal distance, it stops all of Fox's moment when the move ends and has a small ledge sweet spot. Fire Fox can cover vertical, horizontal and diagonally distances, but its start-up gives Fox's opponents time to set up edge guards or gimp him.


Ground attacks

Attack Description Damage
Standard attack Does two punches, followed by a series of rapid kicks that can repeat endlessly. The first punch can be followed up with a grab. 2%
Forward tilt Does a quick roundhouse kick. 5%
Up tilt Does a scorpion kick. The kicks covers his whole body. Great combo starter, can be used multiple times and can send opponents into enough hitstun to get an up air follow up. 10%
Down tilt Swipes his tail across the ground. Fast and good for gimping opponents who barely missed the ledge. 9%
Dash attack Does a flying jump kick. 8%
Forward smash Jumps a little and swings his leg vertically. This is his hardest reliable KO move to combo into and is very weak, but has decent priority. 12-16%
Up smash Does a 360 degree back flip. Considered one of the best up smashes in the game due to Fox having multiple options to combo into it, the attack having good reach, power, and speed. 16-23%
Down smash Does a ground split kick. Decent knockback. Fox's weakest smash attack in terms of knockback and is not a reliable KO option until over 120%. 12-18%

Aerial attacks

Attack Description Damage
Neutral aerial Sex kick. Can SHFFL while approaching and SHFFL into Reflector or a grab. 10%
Forward aerial Cyclone kick. Five hits. However, getting all these kicks to connect is hard, due to Fox's high falling speed. 6%
Back aerial Reverse spin kick. Fox sticks his foot out behind himself. Good knockback, can be used with a RAR or followed out of a reflector. Has good priority, can combo into other moves at low percentages and is fast. 15%
Up aerial Upward flip kick. Fox flips up-side-down and kicks upwards with both legs. Very powerful and fast, most KO'ing characters around 70-120%%. Can be combo'ed into from an up throw or an up tilt, while rarely another up air. 5%
Down aerial Drill kick. It is a weak meteor smash that hits multiple times, but it allows numerous follow up options. 3%

Grab and throws

Attack Description Damage
Grab Does a swoop down grab. Fast grab with decent range. N/A
Pummel Jabs the opponent with his knee. 1%
Forward throw Punches the opponent forward. Can chain throw. This is the only throw that does not involve the use Fox's Blaster. 8%
Back throw Throws opponent backwards, then shoots them with his blaster. 7%
Up throw Throws foes up then shoots the foes with his Blaster. One of the best throws in the game which can lead into a number of follows up depending on the accelerated falling speed of a character. 9%
Down throw Slams foes upon the ground, then shoots them with his Blaster. It is a meteor smash, which can set up good tech chases. 0%

Other attacks

Attack Description Damage
Floor attack Quickly gets up and kicks both sides. 5%
Ledge attack Rolls halfway up, then kicks forward with both legs. 8%

Special moves

Attack Name Description Damage
Standard special move Blaster Fox fires a shot with his Blaster. Each shot has transcendent priority, but does not cause any flinching. This move can be rapid-fired. 0%
Side special move Fox Illusion Fox teleports forward, leaving a blue trail behind him. This move can be shortened, though it will not do any damage. 7%
Up special move Fire Fox Flames gather around Fox, and then Fox is launched into the air while yelling "Fire!" in the chosen direction, dealing fire damage to any opponent that he touches. It can also do damage in its charging stage. 1%
Down special move Reflector Fox creates a barrier around him that reflects projectiles. In addition, if Fox is standing close to an enemy when he uses this attack, the attack damage stun the opponent. 6%
Final Smash Landmaster Fox gets into the Landmaster for a short time. 22%


Misc. Description
On-screen appearance Jumps out of his Arwing.
Taunts Standard Makes a red flashing aura around him mimicking Fire Fox and saying "Here I come!".
Down/Up Twirls his gun in his hand and tosses it in the air and catches it.
Idle poses N/A
Victory theme A short excerpt from the title theme of Star Fox 64, it is also similar to the flourish that plays whenever Fox successfully completes a mission in the same game.
Victory pose Crosses his arms while looking to the side.
Lose Claps to the winner with his back turned to the screen.

Changes from v0.9b

MG icon Main article: Fox (Super Smash Flash 2/Changelog)

Fox has been nerfed in that he has fewer confirms into his KO moves and the changes to priority does not make him as dominate as he once was. However, Fox hasn't been touched to much.

Ground attacks

  • Nerf Up tilt deals more knockback, making it no longer confirm into up air at KO percents.
  • Neutral Down tilt does vertical knockback.

Aerial attacks

  • Nerf Up aerial is weaker.
  • Nerf Back aerial now has a sourspot. This makes the move weaker and have less priority.

Grab and throws

  • Nerf Up throw can no be D.I.'ed and has less hitstun. This now forces the Fox player to chase the opponent.
    • Buff Up throw now has less knockback, allowing for more follow ups.

Special moves

  • Buff Fire Fox travels slightly more distance.

In competitive play

Match ups

Notable players


  • Vash
  • Nirai


Tier placement history

When Fox debuted in demo v0.8, he was a strong character and got ranked 6th of B tier on the list for demo v0.8b. His position dropped to 13th of what could be considered B tier in demo v0.9a. His tier position rose up to 7th of A tier where he is seen as a high tier character again. On the second tier list of v0.9b, Fox rose by one spot where he is 6th of A+ tier and is seen as a top tier character.



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Early designs





  • Fox's sprites, along with Mario's and Peach's old sprite sets, were used in one of ScrewAttack's Death Battles.
  • Fox's pixel art is based on a victory pose that he makes in Brawl.
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