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SSF2 Fourside.png
EarthBound symbol.svg
Fourside in Super Smash Flash 2.
Universe EarthBound
Appearance Super Smash Flash 2
Home stage for Ness (Super Smash Flash 2)
Size Medium
Availability Starter
Music track(s)
  • Fourside
  • Pollyanna
Tournament legality Banned

Fourside (フォーサイド) is a starter stage in Super Smash Flash 2. Based on its Super Smash Bros. Melee counterpart, this stage represents the EarthBound universe and serves as one of the home stages for Ness. It was first seen in the demo v0.8 trailer showcasing Fox.


Fourside is equal to Melee's one; with three buildings, the on the center is called "Monotoli" and is notably higher than the others, the third one is the shortest building. In Melee, there was a crane holding a platform that would move from left to right, and a UFO would occasionally descend from the sky. This also happens in SSF2, with the UFO having a slippery surface. However, the UFO in SSF2 lasts for a shorter amount of time.


  • The main music track is the self-titled Fourside, a funky bass remix of the Held in a Skyscraper (also known as Fourside) theme from EarthBound.
  • An alternate music track is Pollyanna, a calm jazzy remix of the theme that plays when Ninten has no partners to accompany him in EarthBound Beginnings.

Tournament legality

Fourside is banned in tournament play. The central building splits the stage effectively into two halves, allowing players to camp on the lower platforms on either side. The stage also has very large walls as a side effect, allowing players to extend their combos beyond reason and preventing horizontal KOs if the opponent gets launched the wrong way. The stage is littered with pits of death that further enable players to camp while gimping some characters' recoveries, such as Ness'. The stage is also quite large anyway.


In-game map of Fourside in EarthBound.

Fourside is the largest city visited by Ness in EarthBound, though the stage layout is not in the daytime, but rather at night. It is possibly displayed as Moonside, the outlandish and dark parallel version of Fourside created by the Mani Mani statue.

The UFO that appears in the stage is based on the UFO's seen in the opening sequence of EarthBound which are a still image of three UFOs attacking a town.



Early designs


  • Initially, the design of the stage closely resembled its appearance in Super Smash Bros. Melee. In Beta 1.3, the stage was resprited to instead be based on its appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.