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Goku using his forward tilt.

A forward tilt (also known as a side tilt) is an attack in Super Smash Flash 2 that is done by pressing the attack button while walking or transitioning into the walking state. This tilt usually launches either left or right, depending on the direction the character is facing.

List of forward tilts

Character Description Damage
Bandana Dee Thrusts his spear forwards, after twirling it first. 9%
Black Mage Swings his staff in front of himself in an arc. 8%
Bomberman Gets on all fours and kicks forward with both legs. 10%
Bowser Punches forward. 15%
Captain Falcon Performs a roundhouse kick in front of himself. 12%
Chibi-Robo Thrusts his plug forward, then electricity surges out of it. 3%
Donkey Kong Performs a backhand swipe in front of himself. 10%
Falco Performs a quick forward kick. 9%
Fox Performs a quick forward kick. 5%
Ganondorf A front kick. 13%
Goku Lifts his leg up, then kicks out in front of himself. 11%
Ichigo Performs a horizontal slash from in front of himself to behind. 12%
Isaac Summons vines that grow forwards from his arms. Based on Growth. 8%
Jigglypuff Spins once while kicking at the same time. 10%
Kirby Performs a low roundhouse kick. 9%
Krystal Spins her staff in front of her dealing multiple hits. 2%
Link Performs an overhead slash in a downward arc. 13%
Lloyd Swings a sword forward. 9%
Lucario A cross punch. 9%
Luffy Stretches one leg forwards and kicks with it. 12%
Luigi Performs a strong spinning kick forwards. 12%
Mario Performs a strong spinning kick forwards. 7%
Marth A quick slash forward. 9%
Mega Man Swings a blade of fire in an arc in front of himself. Based on the Flame Sword from Mega Man 8. 13%
Meta Knight Slashes twice in front of himself, then upwards once. The player has to press the attack button thrice in succession order for him to do all three slashes. 2%
Mr. Game & Watch Jabs forth with a chair in front of him to strike with its legs. Good range. Based on Lion. 10%
Naruto Swings a kunai in front of himself in an arc. 8%
Ness Performs a quick forward kick. 11%
PAC-MAN Performs a side kick. 8%
Peach Performs a 180° high kick. 11%
Pichu Plants itself on its upper paws and swipes its tail at his opponents. 8%
Pikachu Performs a two-footed side kick. 7%
Pit Performs a scissor slash with the two pieces of his bow. 7%
Rayman Performs a forward-lunging headbutt. Good range. The back of his head is a sourspot. 8%
Ryu The tsumasaki geri, a kick used in Karate. 7%
An overhand punch. 11%
Samus Does a roundhouse kick in front of herself. 8%
Sandbag Turns around and performs a backwards headbutt. 13%
Sheik Kicks in front of herself in an arc upwards. 5%
Sonic Kicks forward with both legs while his hands are planted on the ground. 8%
Simon Whipcracks forward. 13%
Sora Swings his keyblade from behind to in front of himself in an "Around the World" arc. 8%
Tails Swings both his tails in front of himself on a slight angle. 10%
Waluigi Jabs forward at eye height with his middle and index fingers. 10%
Wario Holds back his fist, then punches in front of himself. 13%
Yoshi Swings his tail in front of himself on one leg. 9%
Zelda Steps forward and slashes one arm in front of herself. 13%
Zero Suit Samus Performs an around-the-body kick. 8%