Falco using his forward aerial.

A forward aerial is an aerial attack in Super Smash Flash 2 that can be performed by pressing the direction the character is facing, and while holding it, pressing the attack button. Some are meteor smashes and need to be sweet spotted while others are semi-spikes.

List of forward aerial attacks

Character Description Damage
Bandana Dee Thrusts his spear forwards as sphere-shaped beams appear around the tip, attacking up to three times. 2%
Black Mage Sticks a Chocobo foot out and kicks forward. Based on the Chocobo Kick. 9%
Bomberman Performs a powerful headbutt in front of himself. 12%
Bowser Slashes forward with his claw, dealing high knockback. 14%
Captain Falcon Thrusts his knee forwards, which can be extremely powerful if sweet spotted. Also known as the Knee Smash. 6%
Chibi-Robo Uses a spoon to scoop the victims upwards. 10%
Donkey Kong Swings his hands in a downwards arc, which will meteor smash if connected at the sour spot when the fists are coming down. 13%
Falco Turns horizontally and spins, hitting three times with his beak. 3%
Fox Kicks in front of himself separately with both legs five times in total. 6%
Ganondorf An overhand. 17%
Goku Does a double-axe handle punch in a downwards arc. It semi-spikes if sweet spotted. 11%
Ichigo Teleports forward and slashes his blade in front of himself. Based on Shunpō. 13%
Isaac Unsheathes his sword and does a horizontal slash around himself. This attack can be angled to down. 10%
Jigglypuff Performs a sex kick forwards with both feet. 7%
Kirby Kicks forward thrice in a circular motion. 4%
Krystal Performs two forward kicks. Somewhat high endlag. 5%
Link Swings the Master Sword in front of himself twice in a circular motion. 11%
Lloyd Swings a sword in an downward arc. 11%
Lucario Kicks in a downward arc. 7%
Luffy Makes a frontflip, then performs a double axe punch that will meteor smash. 15%
Luigi Raises his hand up and brings it down with a karate chop. 12%
Mario Swings his hand in a downward arc, which will meteor smash if sweet spotted. 16%
Marth Performs a forward vertical slash from up to down. 10%
Mega Man Thrusts a drill in front of himself, which will spin around and attack up to three times. Based on the Quake Drill from the Mega Man comic book series by Archie Comics. 2%
Meta Knight Quickly swings his sword, Galaxia, twice in front of himself. 5%
Mr. Game & Watch Takes out a box and attacks with it with the properties of a sex kick. Based on Mario Bros.. 6%
Naruto Brings his leg up and then swings it down in an arc, which meteor smashes the opponent. 14%
Ness Holds out his hands to unleash a stream of PSI sparks that hits up to four times. 3%
PAC-MAN Kicks forward in a circular motion. 8%
Peach Takes off her crown and swings it in a downwards arc. 15%
Pichu Spirals forward in the air while emitting electricity. 7%
Pikachu Spirals forward in the air while emitting electricity, hitting up to four times. 2%
Pit Holds his bow in front of him and performs a buzzsaw-like series of slashes, hitting opponents up to three times and launching them with the last hit. 2%
Rayman Does a strong, somewhat long-lasting kick forwards. Good range. 11%
Ryu A flying kick. 16%
Samus Unleashes five explosions from her arm cannon in an downward arc. 4%
Sandbag Performs a "kick" forwards with his bottom. 11%
Sheik Swings her hand in a downwards arc very quickly. Semi-spikes the opponent and is a powerful finisher. 13%
Simon Whipcracks in front of him, being more powerful at the tip. This attack can be angled upwards or downwards to change its direction but overall deals the same damage and knockback in all ways. 11%
Sonic Performs a fast front-flip kick, which will meteor smash if sour spotted. Based on the Sonic Eagle from Sonic Battle. 10%
Sora Swings his keyblade in front of himself in an downwards arc. 12%
Tails Swings both his tails in front of him once. 10%
Waluigi Swings his leg upwards in front of him. 16%
Wario Performs a sex kick in front of him. 6%
Yoshi Swings his head in a downward arc in front of himself, which serves as a powerful meteor smash. 11%
Zelda Kicks forward with a ball of light magic at the end of her foot, which can be very powerful if sweet spotted. Also known as the Lightning Kick. 7%
Zero Suit Samus Performs two quick kicks forward. 5%


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