SSF2 Food
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All Food variants in Super Smash Flash 2.
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Appearance Super Smash Flash 2
Item class Recovery
In-game description Replenish damage when eaten.

Food (たべもの) is a set of multiple recovering items hailing from multiple universes. They have first appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee and often spawn in groups, from Party Balls. Though they do not appear in the original Super Smash Flash, it does appear in the reboot, Super Smash Flash 2.


Food frequently appears on stages, and due to their small rate of healing its variants tend to have, they appear very commonly, usually spawned in great numbers after opening a Party Ball. Each variant recovers either 1%, 3%, 5%, 8%, or 10% damage.

Mr. Game & Watch has the ability to spawn food himself if he successfully connects a #7 with his side special move, Judge. A subtle difference between the food spawned by Mr. Game & Watch in SSF2 from the Super Smash Bros. games (aside the food no longer being restricted to be only an apple) is that for each character hit, a different piece of food will appear instead of only one. This means that if Mr. Game & Watch is able to strike all the opponents at once with his hammer, up to three different food variants will be spawned. This may proved to be an advantage and disadvantage at the same time for Mr. Game & Watch, as he may be able to collect all the dropped food after launching the opponents but also unaffected characters may be able to collect the food instead during Mr. Game & Watch's freeze frames.

Food may also be considered a stage element that appears outside the common item spawnage. Only three stages are able to dispense food in the game: Yoshi's Island (64), Yoshi's Story, and Smashville (coincidentally, all are past stages). These stages distribute food in a similar manner: it is carried towards the stage by something and characters have to attack the carrier so the food may be dropped and consumed. In Yoshi's Island (64) and Yoshi's Story, the food is carried by flying Propeller Shy Guys whereas in Smashville it is carried by floating balloons. Propeller Shy Guys usually come in great numbers, making the food droppage greater on average in comparison to Smashville's, where only a single balloon will appear at the time. Disabling food with the item switch removes the food from the carriers, who will still come to the stage, despite not carrying anything.

Delibird is also able drop food items via his move Present. Delibird indiscriminately launches food out of his tail sack, and all players are able to collect the goods, including the characters who had not released it. Similarly, Delibird's Rocket Bombs, which can be launched alongside food items, will harm any player who comes in contact with them, including Delibird's summoner.

List of food

The following is a list of all the food variants that can appear during matches, accompanied by a brief description and the damage value they recover.

Food items
Image Food Description %
SSF2 Apple Apple A red apple with a yellow bottom with a stem. 8%
SSF2 Bananas Bananas A bunch of four yellow bananas. 5%
SSF2 Candy cane Candy cane A cane-shaped, red-striped hard candy. 3%
SSF2 Carrot Carrot A long orange carrot with a bright green stem. 5%
SSF2 Cherries Cherries A pair of cherries attached by a stem. 5%
SSF2 Chocolate bar Chocolate bar A 2-by-8 patterned bar of dark chocolate. 3%
SSF2 Coffee cup Coffee cup A white cup on a saucer with black coffee inside. 5%
SSF2 Doughnut Doughnut A pink-glazed fried doughnut with colored sprinkles. 3%
SSF2 Dubious Food Dubious Food A gross green and blue blurred substance on a plate with a bone sticking out. 1%
SSF2 Egg Egg A white egg inside its shell. 5%
SSF2 Eggplant Eggplant A purple aubergine. 8%
SSF2 Fortune cookie Fortune cookie A folded crisp cookie with a "fortune" paper sticking out. 5%
SSF2 French fries French fries A set of fried potatoes served in a gray cup emblazoned with the Super Smash Bros. symbol. 3%
SSF2 Gigantamax Curry Gigantamax Curry A large serving of curry with sauce circling above it on a plate with a spoon. 10%
SSF2 Grapes Grapes A cluster of purple grapes. 8%
SSF2 Hamburger Hamburger A sesame seed bun with lettuce, tomato, a beef patty, and cheese. 3%
SSF2 Hot dog Hot dog A sausage on a bun with sauce and drizzled mustard. 3%
SSF2 Ice cream Ice cream A wafer cone served with curled strawberry ice cream. 3%
SSF2 Invincible Candy Invincible Candy A swirling white and red lollipop on a stick with a yellow star. 3%
SSF2 Lon Lon Milk Lon Lon Milk A bottle filled with milk. 8%
SSF2 Meat Meat A piece of broiled meat covering a thick bone. 5%
SSF2 Meat Skewer Meat Skewer Three pieces of broiled meat served on a skewer. 10%
SSF2 Mushroom Mushroom A dark brown shiitake mushroom cap with a light stem. 8%
SSF2 Onigiri Onigiri A rice molded triangle held by a strip of seaweed. 5%
SSF2 Orange Orange A round orange. 8%
SSF2 Orange juice Orange juice A thick glass cup of orange juice with an orange slice and a red straw. 8%
SSF2 Pancakes Pancakes A set of pancakes on a plate with butter and syrup dripping from the top. 10%
SSF2 Peach (Food) Peach A round pink peach. 8%
SSF2 Peanut Peanut A peanut inside its shell. 5%
SSF2 Pepper Pepper A bulbous green pepper. 8%
SSF2 Pie slice Pie slice A baked, pastry dough slice with a red filling. 5%
SSF2 Pizza Pizza A thin-crust pizza with various toppings with a separated slice. 10%
SSF2 Pretzel Pretzel A large salted pretzel. 3%
SSF2 Ramen Ramen A noodle soup served with egg. 10%
SSF2 Rare Candy Rare Candy A candy wrapped in an M-patterned blue wrap. 5%
SSF2 Red Potion Red Potion A round bottle of red potion with a cork in the top. 10%
SSF2 Sausages Sausages A pair of sausages drizzled with ketchup. 5%
SSF2 Sea-salt ice cream Sea-salt ice cream A frozen snack on a stick with a salty and sweetened flavor. 5%
SSF2 Spinach Smoothie Spinach Smoothie A soft drink made of spinach in a glass cup with a clove of spinach. 10%
SSF2 Steak Steak A slab of grilled steak on a plate. 10%
SSF2 Strawberry Strawberry A single strawberry with a stem and leaves. 8%
SSF2 Strawberry shortcake Strawberry shortcake A two-layered shortcake with whipped cream and a strawberry on the top. 3%
SSF2 Sundae Sundae A milkshake glass cup filled with vanilla ice cream, topped with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, a brown wafer and a cherry. 5%
SSF2 Sushi Sushi A nigiri-type, tamago sushi made with vinegared rice and topped with an omelette slice. 3%
SSF2 Turkey Turkey A whole roast turkey on a plate. 10%
SSF2 Watermelon Watermelon A large watermelon on a stem. 8%
SSF2 Watermelon slice Watermelon slice A half-slice of watermelon. 8%
SSF2 Yoshi Cookie Yoshi Cookie A heart-shaped cookie with red icing. 3%


Food as a healing object is a very common staple in video games. Games from the Yoshi and the Kirby series have a strong focus on food items, and being a gluttonous character is a trait of their respective protagonists. For instance, in Yoshi's Story, Yoshi has to eat a set of 30 fruits in order to complete a level, and eating fruit invariably heals Yoshi and replenishes his life meter. However, the concept of healing food in the Super Smash Bros. series, as well as SSF2, is more similar to how it is applied to the Kirby games. Beginning with Kirby Super Star, there is common food scattered across levels that acts a low-recovery item when Kirby eats it. Several food items are very similar between Kirby Super Star and SSF2 as direct result of this.



Early designs


  • As a small easter egg, some food variants are references to foods from other video game franchises. These include the Yoshi Cookie from Yoshi; the Red Potion, Lon Lon Milk, Meat Skewer, and Dubious Food from The Legend of Zelda; the Invincible Candy from Kirby; the Rare Candy and Gigantamax Curry from Pokémon; the Spinach Smoothie from Ring Fit Adventure; and sea-salt ice cream from KINGDOM HEARTS.
    • There used to be other food references that have since been removed as of the Beta version. These include a Cheri Berry from Pokémon, an Energy Capsule from Mega Man, and even a Pork Chop from Minecraft.
  • The original Food artwork (seen above) that depicts Kirby collecting some food is actually a recolored image derived from the Gourmet Race preview on the file select screen for Kirby Super Star.
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