Floating Islands
Floating Islands
Intro card.
Game Super Smash Flash
Universe McLeodGaming
Level number 3
Time limit 5:00
Note(s) Infamous level that has a series of platforms the player has to scale to reach the top.
Floating Islands

The Floating Islands is an infamous Adventure mode's level in Super Smash Flash composed by Wario Land 4 sprites. The objective of the player is to climb the long stage avoiding Wario Land 4's enemies and reach the top stone door of it. However, despite having content from the Wario series, this is not necessarily a Wario-centric stage; it is reserved for the McLeodGaming universe. This is because the Wario universe was never once introduced in SSF.


As the name implies, the Floating Islands is made of many beach-rocky platforms arranged one above the other. There are two kinds of platforms, the large and the small ones. The stage is surround by many Wario's enemies, such as the Spear-Masks or the Beezleys, that all will attempt to stop the player from reach the top.


The Floating Islands has been one of the many elements SSF has been criticized mainly because of the lag it causes. To prevent this problem, a skip button was added in the upper right corner of the downloadable .EXE version, if one click the button, the stage will be cleared automatically and the player will receive the points the player eligible for so far as if the stage was cleared normally, albeit without any further points earned beyond that, generally always resulting in a lower score.

As time has passed and average computers have gotten more powerful, this has become less of an issue. Smaller framerate drops may still occur, but not normally to the level of severity that it had in 2006.


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  • This stage started a rumor that Wario was maybe planned to be playable character in Super Smash Flash.
  • The All-Star Rest Area has exactly the same sprites and has identical music.
  • In the SSF2 Dev Blog that introduced SSF1 mode, Floating Islands' notoriety was joked about; namely, players were reassured that it would not be returning.[1]


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