Golden Sun symbol
Flint in Golden Sun.
Universe Golden Sun
First appearance Golden Sun (2001)
MG appearance(s) Super Smash Flash 2
Species Djinn
Gender Varies
Alignment Good
Company Nintendo
Camelot Software Planning

Flint (ソロ) is a Venus Djinni found in Golden Sun franchise.

Character description

Flint is a Djinni that is automatically acquired at certain points in the games, and is therefore guaranteed to be among the Djinn available to players in whichever games it appears in.

In Golden Sun, Isaac and Garet stumble across Flint shortly after leaving Vale for their journey. Flint provides the two young Adepts with a tutorial on how to use Djinn before joining them on their quest. The game technically grants the player the option to refuse to let Flint accompany them, but no matter how many times Flint is refused it will be added to the Djinn collection regardless.

In Super Smash Flash 2

Isaac and Flint

Flint appearing on Isaac's victory pose.

In Super Smash Flash 2, Flint makes a cameo minor character for Isaac's standard taunt and victory pose.

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