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Mega Man under the flame effect as a result off getting hit by Link's bomb on Bomb Factory.

Flame is an effect in Super Smash Flash 2 dealt by certain moves. When a character is hit with an attack that deals flame damage, the character will then be tinted red and flames and smoke will come out from the character. Flame attacks also have other effects, such as thawing frozen opponents and causing Blast Boxes to immediately explode.

Elements that deal flame damage


Character Move Notes
Black Mage Up smash N/A
Neutral aerial
Bomberman Up smash
Down smash
Jetpack Only when sweet spotted.
Bowser Forward smash Only the second hit deals flame damage.
Fire Breath N/A
Captain Falcon Forward smash
Falcon Punch
Raptor Boost
Falcon Dive
Falcon Kick
Fox Fire Fox
Ganondorf Up tilt Only when held.
Kirby Inhale Can copy all neutral special moves that deal flame damage.
Link Bomb Arrow N/A
Luigi Fireball
Green Missile
Super Jump Punch Only when the clean hit connects.
Mario Forward smash Only when sweet spotted.
Fireball N/A
Mario Finale
Mega Man Forward tilt
Down smash
Back aerial
Mr. Game & Watch Forward smash Only when sweet spotted.
Chef The frying pan itself does flame damage, while the projectiles thrown from it do not.
Judge #6 N/A
Ness PK Fire
Down throw
Peach Vegetable Can pluck a Bob-omb from the ground.
Ryu Shakunetsu Hadoken N/A
Samus Down tilt
Forward aerial
Sandbag Capsule Spawn Can spawn all items that deal flame damage from his Capsule.
Bob-omb Toss N/A
Sheik Vanish Only the first hit will deal flame damage.
Sora Command Deck
Waluigi Waluigi Dice #6
Purple Torpedo
Yoshi All hitboxes Only during Super Dragon.
Zelda Din's Fire N/A
Zero Suit Samus Forward smash
Plasma Whip The second hit will deal flame damage if the special button input is being held when the move starts.


Item Hitbox
Bob-omb All hitboxes
Blast Box
Explosive Tag
Fire Flower
Gooey Bomb
Motion-Sensor Bomb
Smart Bomb

Poké Balls

Poké Ball Pokémon Move Notes
Charizard Flamethrower N/A
Ditto Transform Can copy playable characters' attacks.
Garchomp Draco Meteor N/A
Tepig Heat Crash
Victini V-Create


Stage hazard Hitbox
Bowser's Castle Lava
Phase 8


Boss Move Notes
Master Hand Poke Only on the third hit.
Walk N/A


  • Some moves in SSF2 seemingly use fire but they do not deal flame damage. An example of this is Samus's up smash.
  • When a Bullet Bill is hit with a flame attack, it gains a red tint.