Fire Hydrant
Fire Hydrant
PAC-MAN symbol
PAC-MAN standing next to a Fire Hydrant.
Universe PAC-MAN
User(s) SSF2 PAC-MAN head
Effect PAC-MAN drops down a Fire Hydrant that blasts water that pushes players away and can be launched as a powerful projectile.

Fire Hydrant (消火栓) is PAC-MAN's down special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, PAC-MAN will throw or place a red Fire Hydrant on the ground. Opponents hit by the Hydrant on the way down will be dealt 10% damage with decent knockback. Once on the ground, the Hydrant will then wait a moment before squirting out water (that can be deflected) that pushes players away with a windbox. The water direction depends on where PAC-MAN is or will be situated- it fires water left and right if PAC-MAN's at its side, and above it if PAC-MAN is as well. After squirting water twice, the Hydrant disappears.

PAC-MAN and other players can also attack the Hydrant and knock it away with the final hit, making the Hydrant a projectile that bounces for 6 times, and deals 14% damage plus strong knockback to any opponent that come in contact with it, even PAC-MAN himself when someone else launches Hydrant. The trajectory and speed of the Hydrant projectile depends heavily on the impact of all the attacks on it up until the final hit- a b-air to smash attack will have a different trajectory from a b-air to d-tilt.

The Hydrant can also bounce off of the trampoline PAC-MAN summons with Pac-Jump, abiding by the same rules other characters do when bouncing from it.


Pac-Land Hydrant

PAC-MAN standing next to a fire hydrant in PAC-LAND.

The Fire Hydrant originates from a NAMCO arcade game known as PAC-LAND. In this game, fire hydrants appear on the ground in several stages as common obstacles PAC-MAN has to jump over. They act as a hazard that should be pushed towards ghosts. Additionally, certain hydrants shoot water from them that pushes PAC-MAN away, much like they do in SSF2. Certain hydrants would also cause fruit to appear for bonus points if PAC-MAN hops on top of them, while others may give PAC-MAN a hat to protect him after pushing them.



PAC-MAN's special moves
Standard special move Bonus Fruit
Side special move Power Pellet
Up special move Pac-Jump
Down special move Fire Hydrant
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