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Fire Breath
SSF2 Bowser - Fire Breath.png
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Bowser using Fire Breath.
Universe Mario
User(s) Bowser (Super Smash Flash 2)Giga Bowser
Effect Bowser or Giga Bowser releases a large, powerful fireball from his mouth.

Fire Breath (クッパブレス) is Bowser's and Giga Bowser’s neutral special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Bowser leans his head back and then brings it forward, releasing a large fireball forward from his mouth. The fireball travels relatively quickly at a slight downward angle, which becomes a larger angle when released in the air. The trajectory angle can also be altered slightly upward or downward with the directional inputs. The fireball disappears after hitting a surface or an opponent, dealing 9% flame damage and moderate knockback to any opponent hit.

Bowser also gets pushed back when using the move, which may slightly assist his horizontal recovery when used in the air. However, the move also has high startup and ending lag, making it risky to use overall.


Bowser after releasing a fireball at Mario in Super Mario Bros..

Breathing fire has been Bowser's signature attack throughout the Mario series since his debut in Super Mario Bros. In said game, each castle contains a fight at the end with Bowser, or one of his minions disguised as him. During the fight and when the player gets near, he releases fireballs from his mouth at different heights and intervals in an attempt to stop Mario or Luigi. While they travel slowly, they are also large in size and are often used alongside hammers, making them difficult to traverse around.

In subsequent games in the series, Bowser is also able to release a constant stream of fire as opposed to simply fireballs.




  • The move was initially meant to be similar to how it works in the official Super Smash Bros. titles, where Bowser would instead release a stream of fire and, as the time passed, the stream would reduce in size, damage and knockback.
  • In Content Creators Program builds, the fire ball itself had a different effect. Oddly, while the fire ball effect got changed, its on-hit effect stayed the same.
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