Fire Bird
Fire Bird
Star Fox symbol
Falco using Fire Bird.
Universe Star Fox
User(s) SSF2 Falco head
Effect Falco surrounds himself in blue flames and flies straight outward.

Fire Bird (ファイアバード) is Falco's up special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Falco surrounds himself in blue flames and stops in place. He charges up for a moment and can then shouts "Fire!" as he launches straight outward in one of eight directions inputted at the time of launching. Opponents hit by Falco as he launches are dealt 14% damage and somewhat weak knockback to anyone in his path. The move can be useful for recovering both horizontally and vertically, due to the decent distance it covers, though Falco is put in a helpless state afterwards. If he launches downward into a platform with the move, he will bounce off of it and fall into a helpless state.

The move is very similar in appearance and function to Fox's Fire Fox, as both moves surround the user in flames and launch them into the air. However, unlike Fire Fox, Fire Bird is slower, covers a much shorter distance, cannot deal damage while charging, does not deal flame damage, does not let Falco slide at the end of the move if used on the ground, and has blue flames as opposed to Fire Fox's orange flames.




  • In earlier revisions of Beta, the opponent's skeleton would show if hit by Fire Bird, which normally only happens to opponents hit by electric attacks.
  • Despite being the same color as Fire Fox in the official Super Smash Bros. games, Fire Bird is blue in SSF2. This was done to add visual distinction between Falco and Fox.
Falco's special moves
Standard special move Blaster
Side special move Falco Phantasm
Up special move Fire Bird
Down special move Reflector
Final Smash Arwing
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