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Finishing Leap
Finishing Leap.png
Sora using Finishing Leap.
User(s) Sora (Super Smash Flash 2)
Effect Sora leaps into the air while swinging his Keyblade upward.

Finishing Leap (フィニッシングリープ) was originally Sora's up special move in Super Smash Flash 2 prior to Beta, where it was replaced by Aerial Recovery.


Sora uses Finishing Leap, on Fourside.

When performed, Sora would perform a rising jump slash with his Keyblade a decent distance upwards, moving forward as he does. Opponents hit by the Keyblade during this time would be dealt 9% damage and moderate knockback angled upwards. Once complete, Sora would then flip forward and begin falling. The move could also be cancelled before Sora flips by any aerial attack, but this would also cancel most vertical momentum.

Finishing Leap was a potent recovery option when used close to the stage, especially as it would not leave Sora helpless after being used, though he would also be unable to use any other special moves or his midair jump before landing. If used on the ground, however, this would not apply, and he is be able to use it a second time afterwards. The move could also be used as a potent out-of-shield option to escape pressure and begin combos.


Sora using Finishing Leap in KINGDOM HEARTS II: Final Mix.

Finishing Leap is an ability appearing exclusively in KINGDOM HEARTS II. It can only be performed by Sora at the end of an attack combo, and it functions quite differently to how it does in SSF2. When executed, he charges the Keyblade before sending an explosive energy to the ground, generating a four-way blast that sends himself, his target, and other enemies close enough high into the air for an easy transition into aerial attacks.


  • Prior to v0.8a of the demo, Sora's up special move was instead Glide. Because Sora could already glide by holding the jump input, it was changed to Finishing Leap.
    • Finishing Leap is very similar to Glide in function, only it does not enable gliding.
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