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Find Your Footing
Find Your Footing.png
Jam jumping to reach the mango.
Game Yeah Jam Fury
Theme Sky
Level number 5
Note(s) First non-tutorial level.
Find Your Footing

Find Your Footing is the fifth level of Yeah Jam Fury. It is also the first level that is not a tutorial level, and the first level that must be completed in order to advance throughout the game.


This level challenges the player to use the five Yellow Blocks in their quota in order to reach the mango, which resides on a higher platform of Lead Blocks. Between the two platforms is a large gap that can only be crossed using the Yellow Blocks, and falling will lead to a refoot.



  • This level is followed up in name by the thirty-seventh level of the game, Find Your Footing Yet?, which shares a very similar structure.
  • This level was remade to be the first level of the game's follow-up, Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!, where it is called Find That Footing. The remade level is almost identical in design to the original.
  • Beating this level only using one Yellow Block will unlock the Footing FOUND trochieval.