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Final Smash

Sheik using her Final Smash, Light Arrow.

A Final Smash (最後の切りふだ) is a special move that debuted in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and reappears in Super Smash Flash 2. Final Smashes are incredibly powerful in comparison to all other attacks and, if properly executed, usually have the capacity to KO at least one opponent. Final Smashes performed correctly will give its user a great advantage, and may help them to turn the tide of battle. To perform a Final Smash, a player must destroy a Smash Ball and then press the special move button. Only one Smash Ball can appear at any given time, but a new one can spawn after the Final Smash is used. However, the player who possesses the Smash Ball must be careful prior to using their Final Smash to not allow it to be knocked out of them by any of the opponents.

Types of Final Smashes

While Final Smashes tend to be unique among characters, there are certain categories they can be sorted into. All these categories (except for one) are not official and are merely used for the sake of classification.

  • Directional - These Final Smashes launch an attack in a single direction, which may or may not be controlled. This kind of Final Smash has a blind spot, usually behind the attacker, where targets can hide.
  • Final Form - These Final Smashes involve the character transforming into an enhanced version of himself/herself, gaining a new, stronger moveset that can quickly KO opponents. The transformations usually buff up the character's existing moveset, but can sometimes give them different attacks.
  • Focused - These Final Smashes affect nearby opponents in any direction. Targets can avoid the move by getting out of range, so they're most effective in smaller stages.
  • Transformation - These Final Smashes involve also a character transforming, similar to the Final Form, but have a more simplistic way to be controlled and they typically have an arrange of one to three attacks.
  • Trapping - These Final Smashes attack a certain area, grab anyone inside said area (or just a single character), and lay down an inescapable beating. They generally have a small initial range, and will fail if there are no targets caught.
  • Stage-wide - These Final Smashes affect a large area, usually covering the whole stage. However, they may be less effective on larger stages.

List of Final Smashes

This is the complete list of all the Final Smashes in Super Smash Flash 2. Few of them are unknown due to new sprites or new ideas, all of the information below are subject to change:

Character Final Smash Type Description
Bandana Dee Flare Beam Focused Conjures a large ball of electricity that can be maneuvered throughout the stage. More details to be revealed in the future.
Black Mage Random Encounter Stage-wide Summons several monsters on-stage that attack opponents which culminates with a huge explosion called "Flare"
Bomberman Revenge Focused Hops on the Bad Bomber and drops countless amounts of bombs toward the stage.
Bowser Giga Bowser Final Form Transforms into a more powerful, bigger and vicious-looking version of himself, enhancing his moveset. More details to be revealed in the future.
Captain Falcon Blue Falcon Trapping Blue Falcon is called as it crashes through the stage, sending anyone hit by it to an unknown track to get run over by it for massive knockback.
Chibi-Robo Giga-Robo Focused Calls forth a gigantic robot who stays in one place as it continuously stomps the ground. The stomps' shockwaves meteor smash airborne opponents while the legs buries them.
Donkey Kong Arcade Stage-wide Jumps onto a steel girder and begins throwing barrels everywhere with a moving reticle.
Falco Unknown
Fox Landmaster Transformation Gets into the Landmaster tank, being able to shot huge beams from its cannon, hover for a short time and perform barrel rolls.
Goku Super Saiyan Goku Final Form Transforms into a Super Saiyan, which enhances his current moveset and grant him new attacks.
Ichigo Bankai Ichigo Final Form Transforms into his Bankai form, which enhances his current moveset and grant him new attacks.
Isaac Judgment Trapping Takes the opponent to a Golden Sun battle scene and summons the spirit known as Judgement, who gathers energy with his lion-esque shield and fires directly towards the ground. More details to be revealed in the future.
Jigglypuff Puff Up Focused Slowly inflates itself to a large size. Once Jigglypuff reaches its full size, it shouts "JIGGLYY!!!", which causes a massive push that will most likely KO any enemies too close to its body. Jigglypuff then quickly deflates.
Kirby Cook Kirby Trapping Makes a pot appear and put on a cook hat, then, Kirby clangs a frying pan and a ladle, and boils up any opponent that comes into contact with his pot. After a while, the opponent will then be launched upwards, giving moderate knockback. Various items will also appear.
Krystal Unknown
Link Triforce Slash Trapping Uses the power of the Triforce to trap opponents in front of him, then, repeatedly slashes the trapped opponents for an immense amount of damage culminating with a huge blow that sends anyone in the proximity flying.
Lloyd Falcon's Crest Trapping Traps his opponents and proceeds to fuse his Material Blades into the bigger and more powerful Eternal Sword, smashing with a powerful attack with great knockback.
Luffy Unknown
Luigi Poltergust 5000 Trapping Takes out the Poltergust 5000 and uses it in some way. More details to be revealed.
Mario Mario Finale Directional Launches a pair of spinning flames that grow larger and larger as it goes off screen dragging any opponent on its path.
Marth Critical Hit Directional Rises his Falchion in the air, then shoots himself forwards, knocking out in one hit whoever get striked.
Mega Man Unknown
Meta Knight Galaxia Darkness Trapping Lunges his Dimensional cape forward to trap opponents, those caught by his cape will be surrounded by darkness and struck with a very powerful slash.
Mr. Game & Watch Octopus Transformation Transforms into a large octopus. More details to be revealed in the future.
Naruto Kyūbi Naruto Final Form Uses Kurama's chakra to enter his Jinchūriki form, which enhances his current moveset and grant him new attacks.
Ness PK Starstorm Stage-wide Summons a rain of powerful meteors that fall from the skies.
PAC-MAN SUPER PAC-MAN Transformation Swallows two pellets that transform him into a giant version of his iconic wedge form that allows his to chomp the opponents.
Peach Peach Blossom Stage-wide Starts dancing around, stunning grounded opponents and dropping three huge peaches. More details to be revealed in the future.
Pichu Unknown
Pikachu Volt Tackle Transformation Transforms into a huge ball of lightning that can be controlled by the player and hurt other characters. Pressing the attack button causes Pikachu to discharge electricity around him, causing higher damage and knockback.
Pit Unknown
Rayman Unknown
Samus Zero Laser Directional Fires a giant laser beam from her arm cannon. Samus can aim the beam's trajectory.
Sandbag Unnamed Final Smash Trapping Takes the opponent to the Home-Run Contest platform and proceeds to beat them repeatedly to eventually freeze time while winking at the screen, then Sandbag takes out a Home-Run Bat and sends the opponent flying, breaking the distance marker.
Simon Unknown
Sonic Super Sonic Transformation Uses the Chaos Emeralds to assume his super form, allowing him to fly around and strike opponents on contact. More details to be revealed in the future.
Sora Trinity Limit Trapping Lifts opponents into the air, trapping them on energy sphere and repeatedly slashing them with his Keyblade. Sora is able to move around the stage at the moment he is striking the opponents.
Tails Tornado Focused Hops on the Tornado biplane of screen, then, with the help of a reticle to trace its direction, come flying by on the stage from one side to the other dropping bombs. More details to be revealed in the future.
Waluigi Unknown
Wario Wario-Man Final Form Eats a clove of garlic to transform into his superhero-like alter ego, enhancing his moveset. More details to be revealed in the future.
Yoshi Super Dragon Transformation Grows a pair of wings granting him an infinite amount of jumps and gains the ability to shoot three fireballs. More details to be revealed in the future.
Zelda / Sheik Light Arrow Directional Pulls out her bow and fires an arrow in front of her. Zelda's arrow launches opponents in a diagonal trajectory while Sheik sends opponents at a semi-spike angle.
Zero Suit Samus Crystal Flash Focused Engulfs herself into an energy field that sucks nearby opponents in. It does multiple hits with the last two doing more damage and having greater knockback. If the player presses the attack button while doing the move, the hits will be faster, giving less time to the opponent SDI.



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