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Farore's Wind
Farore's Wind Disappear 2.png
The Legend of Zelda symbol.svg
Zelda using Farore's Wind to disappear.
Universe The Legend of Zelda
User(s) Zelda (Super Smash Flash 2)
Effect Zelda spins around with magic surrounding her and then disappears, reappearing a distance away.

Farore's Wind (ファロレの風) is Zelda's up special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Zelda spins around with a green ribbon of magic surrounding her and then disappears for a moment. Opponents that make contact with her while spinning are dealt 4% damage and decent upward knockback. She then reappears a far distance away in another location, surrounded with an explosion and a blue ribbon of magic. The cardinal or diagonal direction she travels in is determined by the directional input the player is pressing at the time this move is used. Opponents that make contact with her as she reappears are dealt 10% damage with strong knockback.

Offensively, the move is most practical when directed upward, as the first hit of the move can then knock opponents into the second one above, making for an optimal KO move. The distance it travels also provides great help with recovering, though Zelda will be left helpless after the move ends.


Link using Farore's Wind in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Farore's Wind originates as a spell used by Link in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that is representative of Farore, the Goddess of Courage. It functions similarly to how it does in SSF2, as Link can use it to mark a place in a Dungeon and then return to that warp point at a later time via teleportation. However, this version of Farore's Wind could not be used offensively, and it would appear as a light from above instead of a magical ribbon.



Early design

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