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Fancy Pants Man
Fancy Pants Man.png
Fancy Pants Man's artwork in The Fancy Pants Adventures.
First appearance Fancy Pants Adventures (2006)
MG appearance(s) Fraymakers
Species Stick figure
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Created by Brad Borne
Company Borne Games

Fancy Pants Man is the main protagonist of the Fancy Pants Adventures series of platforming games. He appears as an Assist character in Fraymakers.

Character description

Fancy Pants Man is a young, scrawny stick figure with proper hands and feet, spiky hair, and most notably his signature orange pants, which are commonly seen as fancy. He has a love for adventure and has traveled through many worlds for noble causes or his own personal desires. He resides in his hometown of Squiggleville and cares deeply about the townspeople and his sister, Cutie Pants, who he consistently tries to protect.

The most notable physical feat of Fancy Pants Man is his running speed, as he can reach such incredible speeds that he can run across walls and ceilings with ease. While running, he can roll up into a ball and reach even greater speeds by rolling down steep inclines, which also serves to attack enemies in his way. He can also jump high and can perform many kinds of parkour. In addition to this, he wields a pencil that he uses as a weapon in the style of a sword.

In Fraymakers

Fancy Pants Man's cut-in.

Fancy Pants Man as he appears in Fraymakers.

Fancy Pants Man is one of the Assist characters in Fraymakers, and he will be among the twenty Assists available at the launch of its Early Access release. When called upon, he jumps forward and delivers a charged attack with his pencil by swinging it downward in front of him. The attack deals strong knockback, though it can be difficult to land due to its long startup time and displacement.