Falcon Dive
Falcon Dive
F-Zero symbol
Captain Falcon using Falcon Dive.
Universe F-Zero
User(s) SSF2 Captain Falcon head
Effect Captain Falcon leaps into the air to latch onto an opponent and creates an explosion on them.

Falcon Dive (ファルコンダイブ) is Captain Falcon's up special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Captain Falcon stops for a brief moment and jumps high into the air, where he will grab any opponent that comes into contact with him. If the attack connects, Captain Falcon latches onto his opponent in midair before launching them with a fiery explosion that deals 14% damage, recoiling upwards in a flip while doing so. A successful attack will cause Captain Falcon to let out a triumphant cry of "YES!" and enable him to use the move again; otherwise, he will fall with a helpless state.

By pressing left or right the move can be angled slightly during the startup and Captain Falcon's movement can be steered to an extent during the finishing frames.



Early designs

Captain Falcon's special moves
Standard special move Falcon Punch
Side special move Raptor Boost
Up special move Falcon Dive
Down special move Falcon Kick
Final Smash Blue Falcon
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