Falco Phantasm
Falco Phantasm 2
Star Fox symbol
Falco using Falco Phantasm.
Universe Star Fox
User(s) SSF2 Falco head
Effect Falco darts quickly forward, leaving a red trail behind him.

Falco Phantasm (ファルコビジョン) is Falco's side special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Falco darts straight forward at a very high speed, leaving a red trail of afterimages behind him. It behaves very similarly to how Fox's Fox Illusion behaves in SSF2, as it cancels his momentum at the start of the move and shoots him a fixed distance forward. The move can also be "cancelled" if the player hits the special input just as Falco is about to dart forward, moving forward only slightly. The attack itself deals 7% damage and decent downward knockback to any opponent hit by the afterimage left by Falco, but Falco himself cannot damage opponents he makes contact with. Unlike Fox Illusion, however, the move will also meteor smash opponents hit. The move is also slightly slower, has less lag, and seemingly covers slightly more distance.

Like Fox Illusion, the move is a very useful for recovering horizontally, though it also has a small ledge sweet spot and leaves Falco helpless after it ends, even when cancelled. It is also useful for edgeguarding from offstage, as the long distance the move covers makes for a safe way to meteor smash opponents. However, if used near a ledge, Falco may accidentally dart offstage with no way to recover.



Early design


  • The trail of Falco Phantasm was originally aqua blue in color, but it was changed to red along with Falco's Reflector in Beta 1.0.3 to add visual distinction between Falco and Fox.[1]


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Standard special move Blaster
Side special move Falco Phantasm
Up special move Fire Bird
Down special move Reflector
Final Smash Arwing
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