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This article is about Falco's appearance in Super Smash Flash 2. For general information about the character, see Falco Lombardi.
Falco Lombardi
in Super Smash Flash 2
SSF2 Falco
Star Fox symbol
Falco's official pixel art.
Universe Star Fox
Stock icon SSF2 Falco head
Availability Starter
Weight class Light
Tier A (5)

Falco is a veteran starter character in Super Smash Flash 2 who was revealed during the Day 2 stream at Super Smash Con 2016. His sprite design is based on his Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U appearance, his voice clips are taken from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. His moveset is a combination of his Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl movesets, even though he is still a clone character of Fox, moveset-wise.

Falco is ranked 5th of A on tier the current tier list. Falco posseses good frame data and one of the best neutrals in the game due to the projectile in Blaster. He posses strong finishers in his forward smash, down smash, and back aerial. He posses a strong meteor smash in his down aerial, which is strong and a big factor in his combos. He has an all purpose move in Reflector, that can reflect projectiles, stall Falco in the air and can start Falco's famous pillar combos.

However, Falco also posses major flaws, mostly from his accelerated falling speed, which makes him very vulnerable to combos and chain grabs. What makes this worse is Falco's light weight, which can lead to a lot of Zero-to-death combos on him. Another problem, which is also worsened by his poor horizontal endurance and high gravity is his recovery. Falco's recovery is predictable and Fire Bird covering a short vertical distance makes his weight problem all the more worse if he falls at a diagonal angle. Falco also struggles to kill due to him having few kill moves and not a lot of kill set ups.


Falco has strong attributes throughout his moveset with quick frame data, decent range, strong combo ability and a few strong KO moves. Falco has KO moves in his Forward smash, Down smash, back aerial and Reflector when close to the blast zone.

Falco has an all purpose move in his Reflector, which is the source of the majority of his combo game, as its name implies, a reflector, as stated above, another KO move and a decent edge guarding move.

Falco has one of the best neutral games in the current demo, due in part to his Blaster. Its lasers is one of the best projectiles in the game with it being fast, covering a long distance, can be shot multiple times by short hopping, can be used to either approach the opponent, stop their approach and can also be used to edge guarding recovering opponents.

Falco also has a strong air game with having a good approach option in his neutral aerial. He has a good spacing tool and strong KO option in his back aerial. He has a powerful down aerial meteor smash, which is the crux of his gameplay in starting combos, extending them and being a great edge guarding tool.

However, Falco is not without his flaws in that he has high accelerated falling speed, which makes him one of the easiest characters to combo. This problem is further compounded by him being light, which makes him easy to knock off stage, if not KO out right.

In terms of his recovery, Falco has one of the shortest vertical recovery moves in the current demo with Firebird covering a short distance. This makes meteor smashes, spikes, semi-spikes and edge guarding very deadly to Falco if knocked off stage. Falco Phatasm, though covering great horizonal distance, can be easily intercepted and edge hogged.

Despite Falco having strong tools to keep opponents out, he doesn't have very good escape options when opponents get up close to him. He has poor mobility throughout his move set, making running away from the opponent a problem.


Ground attacks

Attack Description Damage
Standard attack Does a weak knifehand swipe. Then does another knifehand swipe, and afterwards spins very quickly with his arms out. An infinite. 4%
Down tilt Falco performs a quick tail swipe. This attack mainly deals vertical knockback. 13%
Down smash Does a split kick that comes out relatively quickly. 17%
Side tilt Kicks his leg out. 9%
Forward smash Brings his wings back behind himself and slam-chops with them in a forward lean, slashing anyone who is caught in it. 19%
Up tilt Flips his leg behind him. 9%
Up smash Does a flip kick. 15%
Dash attack Runs forward and sticks his leg out. This attack mainly deals vertical knockback. 9%

Aerial attacks

Attack Description Damage
Neutral aerial Performs a sex kick. 12%
Forward aerial Turns horizontally and spins, hitting three times with his beak. 3%
Back aerial Does a strong backwards kick. 13%
Up aerial Does an overhead frontflip kick. A sweetspot is in his foot and a sourspot on his leg. The sourspot sometimes hits into the sweetspot. 5%
Down aerial Spins around in place at a downwards angle while extending one foot. A fast and powerful meteor smash. Acts smiliar to Falco's PAL Melee down aerial because during the later frames, it pushes opponents to the side. 12%

Grab and throws

Attack Description Damage
Grab Reaches out with one hand. N/A
Pummel Knees opponent. 1%
Forward throw Falco bashes the opponent forward. 8%
Back throw Falco throws the foe backwards and then fires three shots with his blaster. 7%
Up throw Falco throws the foe upwards and fires three shots with his blaster. 9%
Down throw Tosses opponent down, then fires two very quick blaster shots. Meteor smashes opponents and puts them into a tech-chasing situation. 2%

Other attacks

Attack Description Damage
Ledge attack Falco does a drop kick on the opponent with both feet. 8%
Floor attack Kicks behind himself and then in front. 6%

Special moves

Special move Name Description Damage
Standard special move Blaster Fires a shot with his Blaster. Unlike Fox's blaster, Falco's is blue and will stun the opponent. The fire rate is much faster if the attack is being used mid-air. 3%
Side special move Falco Phantasm Dashes forward, leaving a red trail behind him. This move can be shortened, though it will not do any damage. Any opponent that is hit will be meteor smashed. 7%
Up special move Fire Bird Flames gather around Falco, and then he launches himself into the air while yelling "FIRE!!!" in the chosen direction, dealing fire damage to any opponent that he touches. It is blue in appearance when compared to Fox's. 14%
Down special move Reflector Falco creates a barrier around him that reflects projectiles. In addition, if Falco is standing close to an enemy when he uses this attack, the opponent will be sent upwards. 9%
Final Smash TBA


Misc. Description
On-screen appearance From high up in the air falls face-first and lands in a crouching position.
Taunts Standard Kicks his reflector around like a hackey sack before catching it, and says; "Piece of cake!".
Side Stands on one foot with his wing raised, poses, and says; "Don't try me!".
Down Spins three times, crosses one arm, then the other, and says: "Hands off my prey!".
Idle poses N/A
Victory theme A short excerpt from the title theme of Star Fox 64, it is also similar to the flourish that plays whenever Fox successfully completes a mission in the same game.
Victory pose Jumps high, then lands, and looks up.
Lose Claps for the winner.

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