Yeah constructing a staircase with Yellow Blocks.
Game Yeah Jam Fury
Theme Training
Level number 1
Note(s) First overall level and first tutorial level of the game.

Fabricate is the very first level of Yeah Jam Fury, and also the first tutorial level. Despite being the first level, it, like all tutorial levels, is optional to clear and can be completely skipped to start right through the fifth level, Find Your Footing.


This level teaches the player how to use Yeah's technique of placing Yellow Blocks. With three blocks already in the his possession, the player has to pass through a series of simple jumps to reach a grid-marked area where the player can place any of his Yellow Blocks to make a way to reach the mango on the next platform. It should be noted that the player is strictly forced to use Yeah throughout all the rest of the level and cannot swap for Jam or Fury.



  • Despite the large amount of Yellow Blocks in this level, the player cannot acquire any of them, as the player cannot switch to Fury to break them.
  • Fabricate and Switcherate are the only levels in the game where Yeah has specific areas where he is obliged to place Yellow Blocks. The rest of the levels allow him place Yellow Blocks in any empty space the player desires.
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