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An expansion character, also known as downloadable character, or simply DLC, is the concept for a playable character in Super Smash Flash 2 that is not normally accessible in the default game. Instead, these characters are developed separately from the main game, and can be downloaded into the game once finished. With this concept, characters that did not get into the official roster may be added by other developers even after the game finishes development.

Expansion characters were revealed/shown in old versions of the Smash Flash DOJO!!!, but were all removed with the constant overhauls in the DOJO!!!. Examples of expansion characters include:

  • Dark Sonic
  • Ike
  • NES Mario
  • Roy
  • Sephiroth
  • Spongebob

Currently, the game does not support expansion characters, as the concept was initially dropped after the game's first major revamp following the 2011 demo, v0.7. However, it has been confirmed that expansion characters will likely become a thing following the release of the final version. There is also evidence of "XP" characters contained within the games' files, as an expansion slot can be hacked into the game (though non-functional).


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