Full name Ema Alvarado
Alias 194
Join date January 2, 2012
Gender Female
Rank SSF2 Developer
Main role Music composer, character balancer, programmer, DOJO!!! assistant
Location Santiago, Chile

Ema Alvarado (born as Carlos Alvarado), also known as 194, is a SSF2 Developer. She is the lead music developer, as well as balancer and coder.


Early work

Ema joined the forums as unknown194 during 2011, but never went beyond a lurker until her inclusion into the Smash Flash Back Room, where she became a regular member. During that time, developer James Hadden included the backroom as part of the first Balancer Team.

Ema actively took role in balancing, focusing on her main, Mario. She participated in play-testing and became one of the most active balancers during v0.8 development.

A sounding reveal

While hired by her play-testing skills, Ema had always been an amateur musician. She started sharing her work with other developers, and got a chance to put herself to test with music for Smashville. Later, she would collaborate providing background music for most of the videos in the SSF2 Dev Blogs, prior to v0.8's release.

She would then be promoted to official dev, becoming the first music-dedicated developer on SSF2's team.

2012 - 2017

After her promotion, Ema focused on getting as much music as possible, since the amount of custom music for the game was minimal and the development team was focusing on taking distance from the official Smash Bros. games, especially Super Smash Bros. Brawl, whose music was heavily featured on. With those instructions, Ema would start work on an original theme for the game.

During 2012's summer, Ema would find a valuable help on Jacob Tjolsen, sound producer and musician. Together, they finished the current theme, as well as the arrangements for both Menu and Battlefield.

From there, Ema kept her work as an arranger for in-game music, as well as balancing. She occasionally assisted programmers and took part in important discussions as a Lead Dev.


As of September 25, 2017, Ema resigned from the team due to reaching a point of indifference after making her other long-sought out dreams and goals much closer within reach than ever before. On the day of her resign, she made a tweet with a farewell address attached.

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