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Ema Avatar.jpg
Ema's avatar.
Full name Ema Alvarado
Alias 194, Ikuyo
Join date January 2, 2012
Gender Female
Rank Former SSF2 developer
Main role Music composer, character balancer, programmer, DOJO!!! assistant
Location Santiago, Chile

Ema Alvarado, also known by the aliases 194 and Ikuyo, was formerly a Super Smash Flash 2 developer. She was the lead music developer, as well as a balancer and programmer.


Ema Alvarado joined the McLeodGaming community in 2011 as unknown194 on the McLeodGaming Forums. She was not active until her inclusion into the Smash Flash Back Room subforum, where she became a regular member.

Work with Super Smash Flash 2

In 2011, former developer James Hadden included the Smash Flash Back Room members, including Ema Alvarado, as part of the first balancing team for Super Smash Flash 2. Alvarado actively took role in balancing, focusing on her main, Mario. She participated in playtesting and became one of the most active balancers during the development of v0.8 of the demo.

Although she was hired for her playtesting skills, Ema Alvarado later started sharing her music work with other developers. She was then put to test with making a music track to play on Smashville, which would later be included in v0.8b, and she also provided background music for most of the SSF2 Dev Blogs promoting v0.8's release. Following this, she would be promoted to an official developer, becoming the first composer on SSF2's team and, later, the lead music developer.

After her promotion, Alvarado focused on creating as much music as possible for the game, which lacked original compositions at the time. Most notably, she composed the main theme for the game alongside former developer Jacob Tjolsen, which would later be included in v0.9 as the tracks Menu 2 and Battlefield. In total, she would create 32 tracks for the game, including collaborations with Alex Mourey, Andrew Fisher, Jacob Tjolsen, TheDreamCaster, and Void.

On September 25, 2017, Ema Alvarado resigned from the development team due to reaching a point of indifference after making her other dreams and goals much closer within reach than ever before. On the day of her resignation, she posted a Tweet with a farewell address attached. Although she resigned, she still remains active within the community and closely affiliated with the team.

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