Pikachu Electric

Pikachu's forward smash electrocuting Goku, on Nintendo 3DS.

Electric is an effect in Super Smash Flash 2 that is dealt by certain moves. Whenever a character is under the electrical effect, it will be tinted blue, and sparks will come out of the character. Additionally, for certain characters and moves, their skeleton will be shown.

Elements that deal electric damage



Assist Trophy

Poké Ball



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  • Certain characters will show their skeleton when hit by electric attacks just like Super Smash Bros..
    • Bowser's skeleton looks vaguely similar to his undead counterpart's appearance in the Mario series, Dry Bowser.
    • Luffy is the only character in SSF2 to not show a complete skeleton when he is electrocuted. Since he is almost entirely elastic, his skeleton will only show a slab of meat with a bone sticking through it.
  • Some moves in SSF2 seemingly use electricity but they do not deal electric damage. An example of those moves is Sora's Thunder.
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