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Pikachu's forward smash electrocuting Goku on Nintendo 3DS.

Electric is an effect in Super Smash Flash 2 that is dealt by certain moves. Whenever a character is under the electrical effect, they will be tinted blue, and sparks will come out of the character. Additionally, for certain characters and moves, their skeleton will be shown. Electric attacks also deal more hitlag than they would without the effect.

Elements that deal electric damage


Character Move Notes
Bandana Dee Beam Whip N/A
Black Mage Forward smash
Captain Falcon Forward aerial Only when clean.
Chibi-Robo Forward tilt First hit does not deal electric damage.
All smash attacks N/A
Dash attack Only when sweet spotted.
Neutral aerial N/A
Up aerial
Down aerial
Falco Reflector
Fox Reflector
Ganondorf Neutral attack
Down aerial
Gerudo Hawk
Goku Down smash
Down aerial Only when sweetspotted.
Kirby Inhale Can copy all neutral special moves that deal electric damage.
Mega Man Up smash N/A
Mega Buster Only when fully charged.
Mr. Game & Watch Judge #5 N/A
Ness Dash attack
Forward aerial
Back aerial Sour spot does not deal electric damage.
PK Flash N/A
PK Thunder
Pichu Forward smash
Forward aerial
Down aerial
All special moves, including Electric Terrain Electric Terrain only deals electric damage during the starting portion, where Pichu attacks opponents multiple times.
Forward throw N/A
Pikachu Forward smash
Down smash
Forward aerial
Down aerial
All special moves, including Volt Tackle
Forward throw
Rayman LockJaw
Samus Charge Shot
Screw Attack
Zero Laser
Sandbag Capsule Spawn Can spawn a Ray Gun from his Capsule.
Sonic Light Dash Only deals electric damage if sweetspotted.
Tails Energy Ball N/A
Waluigi Waluigi Dice #4
Zelda Neutral attack
All three Lightning Kicks When sweetspotted.
Din's Fire Only the first hit deals electric damage.
Zero Suit Samus Paralyzer N/A
Plasma Whip Last hit will deal flame damage instead if the special button is held while it starts being active.
Forward throw N/A


Item Hitbox
Ray Gun All hitboxes
Screw Attack

Assist Trophies

Assist Trophy Move
Proto Man Buster shots
Starman All hitboxes

Poké Balls

Poké Ball Pokémon Move Notes
Ditto Transform Can copy playable characters' attacks.
Pichu Thunder Wave N/A


Stage hazard Hitbox
Lunar Core Laser beams


Boss Move
Master Hand Lasers


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  • Certain characters will show their skeleton when hit by electric attacks just like Super Smash Bros..
  • Several characters do not have physical skeletons in their bodies, such as Bandana Dee, Jigglypuff, Kirby, Meta Knight, and Mr. Game & Watch.
    • Luffy and Sandbag have things inside their bodies shown instead of a skeleton. Since Luffy is rubber, his skeleton will show a slab of meat with a bone sticking through it in his stomach. In Sandbag's case, its skeleton shows a capsule inside its body.
    • Bowser and Ichigo's skeletons contain references. Bowser's skeleton looks vaguely similar to his undead counterpart's appearance in the Mario series, Dry Bowser; while Ichigo's skeleton looks very similar to the spirit of his Zanpakutō, Zangetsu.
  • Some moves in SSF2 seemingly use electricity but they do not deal electric damage. An example is Sora's Thunder.