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Dr. Wily
SSF2 Dr. Wily.png
Mega Man symbol.svg
Dr. Wily in Super Smash Flash 2.
Stage(s) it appears Unnamed Mega Man level

Dr. Wily (Dr.ワイリー), whose full name is Albert W. Wily, is the main boss character of one of the many Adventure stages in Super Smash Flash 2[1], appearing in his famous Wily Capsule. During the most part of his attacks, he cannot be hit. He uses attacks from many games of the Mega Man series. His sprites were ripped from Mega Man 7.


  • Four Shots: Wily sends out four evenly spaced orbs with random colors, each corresponding to a different element, red being fire, blue being ice, and yellow being lightning, that will pause for a moment before lurching at the player in a straight line, and pausing to adjust their direction before firing off again.
  • Floor Shock: Wily calls a bolt of lightning, strikes himself, and then shoots the floor sending two electrical shots across the floor in either direction from the point of impact. He always teleports immediately after using this attack
  • Rotating Balls: Four energy balls spiral around the Wily Capsule and are used to attack the player.
  • Lightning Bolt: Wily fires off a bolt of lightning at the player.