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Marth using his down tilt.

A down tilt is an attack in Super Smash Flash 2. It is activated when the player holds the down key and the attack button afterward. These are used to start follow-ups, and certain down tilts can also be used to pseudo-crawl.

List of down tilts

Character Description Damage Pseudo-crawl
Bandana Dee Performs a sliding kick attack along the ground. 7% Yes
Black Mage Thrusts his dagger in front of himself along the ground. 7% Yes
Bomberman Does a sliding kick along the ground. 9% Yes
Bowser Swipes with his claws while on the ground. 11%
Captain Falcon Does a sweeping "breakdance" kick along the ground. 12% No
Chibi-Robo Crouches and spins around hitting the opponent with his electrical cord. 7% No
Donkey Kong Sweeps his hand along the ground while ducking. 10% No
Falco Swipes his tail in front of himself. 13% No
Fox Whips his tail in front of himself while spinning along the ground. 9% No
Ganondorf A crouching front kick. 13% No
Goku Punches straight forward in the direction he is facing while kneeling. 7%
Ichigo Uses Shunpō, teleports forward and thrusts his blade in front of himself along the ground while kneeling. 9% Yes
Isaac Summons a spine in his front while crouched. 7% No
Jigglypuff Does a slight spin while jamming her foot forward. 10% No
Kirby Jams his foot forward while crouched along the ground. 6% Yes
Krystal Crouches and swings one of her legs out in a sweeping motion around her. 7% No
Link Slashes his Master Sword along the ground in a sweeping motion, spiking opponents hit. 10% No
Lloyd Thrusts a sword straight forward while kneeling. 8% No
Lucario A crouching kick. 5% No
Luffy Slides forwards while kicking with one foot. 7% Yes
Luigi Crouches, turns around, and kicks his heel out behind him. 8% No
Mario Does a sweeping trip kick along the ground. 10% No
Marth Does a quick crouching sword poke. 8%
Mega Man Slides extending his foot forward. Based on the Slide from Mega Man 3. 8% Yes
Meta Knight Pokes Galaxia forward while crouched on the ground. 9% Yes
Mr. Game & Watch Flips a manhole cover in front of him. Based on Manhole. 10% No
Naruto Does a headbutt in an arc. 10% No
Ness Sticks his foot along the ground in front of himself. 2% No
PAC-MAN Transforms into his wedge form and chomps at a downward angle. 8% Yes
Peach Bends forward while slapping at a slightly downward angle. 10% No
Pichu Spins around once while hitting with its tail. 8% No
Pikachu Spins around once while hitting with his tail. 8% No
Pit Swipes one blade across the ground in front of him. 6% No
Rayman Slides his feet forward while ducking. Great range. 8% No
Ryu A crouching, Hapkido-style shin kick. 5% No
A lunging, Hapkido-style shin kick. 7%
Samus While kneeling, shoots a small explosive on the ground out of her arm cannon. 14% No
Sandbag Rolls across the ground. 10% Yes
Sheik Spins around on the ground in a circle while crouching, and with her leg outstreched. 8% No
Simon Swings his whip downwards. 8% No
Sonic Performs a low sweep with one foot. 9% Yes
Sora Quickly thrusts his Kingdom Key right in front of himself along the ground. 4% No
Tails Swings both his tails in front of himself while spinning along with the motion and crouched. 7% Yes
Waluigi Stomps three times. 3%
Wario Pokes the ground in front of himself by pointing his finger at it. 11% No
Yoshi Swings his tail along the ground while moving with the motion. 7% No
Zelda While kneeling, sticks out her whole leg in front of herself. 8%
Zero Suit Samus Performs a prone leg sweep. 6% No