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The fighters using their down special moves in Super Smash Flash 2.

The down special move, commonly referred to as down-B, is a special move in Super Smash Flash 2 that a character may perform that involves by pressing the designated special button while holding the down key. The down special move is the only special move that does not have a pattern. Down special attacks are generally tactical moves that provide an edge, like Marth's Counter attacking anyone who tries to hit him, Goku's Kaiō-ken powering him up, Chibi-Robo's Pick Up storing enemies projectiles and Jigglypuff's Rest doing massive damage and knockback. They are entirely unique, and they often requires specific knowledge to use effectively. Super Smash Flash has an equivalent attack referred to as down attack.

List of down special moves

Character Down special move
Bandana Dee Parasol Drill
Parasol Dive
Black Mage Meteor
Bomberman Bomb Detonate
Bowser Bowser Bomb
Captain Falcon Falcon Kick
Chibi-Robo Pick Up
Donkey Kong Hand Slap
Falco Reflector
Fox Reflector
Ganondorf Wizard's Dropkick
Goku Kaiō-ken
Ichigo Gazan
Isaac Gaia
Jigglypuff Rest
Kirby Stone
Krystal Grenade
Link Bomb
Lloyd Rising Falcon
Lucario Feint
Luffy Gum-Gum Balloon
Luigi Luigi Cyclone
Mario Mario Tornado
Marth Counter
Mega Man Water Wave
Meta Knight Dimensional Cape
Mr. Game & Watch Oil Panic
Naruto Shadow Clone Summon
Ness PSI Magnet
PAC-MAN Fire Hydrant
Peach Vegetable
Pichu Thunder
Pikachu Thunder
Pit Guardian Orbitars
Rayman Plum
Ryu Focus Attack
Sandbag Sanddash
Samus Bomb
Sheik Transform
Simon Holy Water
Sonic Spin Dash
Sora Command Deck
Tails Spin Dash
Waluigi Piranha Plant
Wario Wario Waft
Yoshi Yoshi Bomb
Zelda Transform
Zero Suit Samus Flip Jump

Transformations' down special moves

Character Down special move
Giga Bowser Bowser Bomb
Wario-Man Wario Waft


  • Donkey Kong and Peach are the only characters who cannot perform their Down Special in the air.