This article is about the attack in Super Smash Flash. For the Super Smash Flash 2 variant, see down aerial (Super Smash Flash 2).
SSF Link down aerial

Link's thrusting the Master Sword downwards with his down aerial.

A down attack in Super Smash Flash, called air attack downward within the How to Play section, is an attack that is performed by pressing the attack button with putting the down key while the character is found in midair, sometimes as a result of jumping. True to their name, down aerials are very similar to their equivalents in the official Super Smash Bros. games. Attacks of this type include characters directly hitting below them, such as sword characters directly slashing beneath them or swordless characters kicking downwards in some way as they fall; in case it involves projectiles, these are normally fired so they travel all the way down. As usual for many attacks in the game, some characters may propel forward a few inches right after performing their down aerials.

List of down attacks

The following is a list of all the down attacks in SSF per character, adding a brief description, and explaining if the attack is a projectiles and if it skids or propels the character forward in a single use.

Down attacks in Super Smash Flash
Character Description P S
Blade Slashes while facing downwards. No Yes
Blue Slashes while facing downwards. No Yes
Captain Falcon Performs a diving flameless Falcon Kick No No
Cloud Flips in the air as he slashes with the Buster Sword downwards in an arc. No Yes
Crono Thrusts his katana beneath him. No Yes
Fox Uses Fire Fox, engulfing himself in fire and plummeting towards the ground at great speed. No No[1]
InuYasha Uses Sankon Tessō to extend the range of his claws and directly scratches downwards. No Yes
Jigglypuff Performs a downward pit point kick. No No
Kirby Rapidly kicks with both feet in quick succession. No No
Knuckles Throws a swinging chop. No Yes
Link Thrusts the Master Sword downwards. No No
Lloyd Plummets himself towards the ground with Rising Falcon, diagonally slanted, with the Flamberge extended. No No[1]
Luigi Uses Luigi Cyclone, spinning around with his arms extended out. No Yes
Mario Uses Mario Tornado, spinning around with his arms extended out, shouting "Wa haa!". No Yes
Mega Man X Shoots with his semi-charged X-Buster at an downward angle. Yes No[2]
Meta Knight Thrusts Galaxia downwards, plummeting towards the ground. No No[1]
Mewtwo Uses Disable, producing a psychic spark that semicircles beneath its feet. No No
Mr. Game & Watch Delivers a downward swift kick. No No
Mr. Incredible Deals an aerial ground kick. No No
Naruto Delivers a downwards swing kick, emitting a shockwave at the moment his foot reaches the highest point that extends directly below him. No No
Pikachu Produces a large lightning bolt with Thunder that has infinite range, spawning above it and travels from top to bottom. This is also his down attack. Yes No
Samus Rapidly fires multiple shots from her arm cannon in a similar way to a machine gun at an downward angle. Yes No
Shadow Closes his eyes and snaps his fingers, firing an invisible projectile of Chaos Magic straight down, with a considerable long range. Yes No
Sheik Spins seemingly slower clockwise and the first time it is performed, she gets propelled a bit upwards. No No[1]
Sonic Delivers a downward rocket kick. No Yes
Super Sonic Delivers a downward rocket kick. No No
Tails Faces down and fires a ball directly downwards with his Energy Ball. Yes No
Young Link Thrusts the Kokiri Sword downwards. No No
Zelda Perform a downwards angled Lightning Kick, a kick that she delivers with a shine coming from her heel. No No
Zero Flips in the air as he slashes with his Z-Saber downwards in an arc. No No


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 These attacks do not experience the usual forward propelling but nonetheless still experience a similar automatic movement (either plummeting or rising) as detailed on their respective rows.
  2. This attack does not cause Mega Man X to skid forward; on the contrary, it uniquely ricochets him back instead.
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