Pichu's idle animation during Discharge.

Discharge is the state that Pichu can enter during a match in Super Smash Flash 2.


Discharge activates whenever Pichu reaches 50% or more damage or depletes to one third of its total HP; once it does, it will release harmless electricity from its body while saying "Chu!", and its idle animation changes, as if it were fatigued. It also releases electricity from its cheek sacs during said animation.

While in this state, Pichu's forward smash deals more damage and knockback, and its special moves become stronger, while also gaining new traits: Electro Ball becomes slightly bigger and paralyzes the opponent for a much longer time; Skull Bash goes significantly farther, but cannot be charged; Agility produces an electric vortex after each dash; and Thunder is stronger and, when connecting with Pichu, propels it upwards in its tumbling state, allowing Pichu to follow up with an aerial attack or special move.

A drawback to this state is that these amplified attacks also deal more recoil damage to Pichu when used, meaning it is easier for Pichu to recover and KO opponents at the risk of getting itself KO'd much sooner, amplifying his glass canon character archetype.



Discharge being used in Generation VII games.

Discharge is an Electric-type move introduced in Generation IV, which involves the user creating a wave of electricity that damages every Pokémon, except the user, in Double Battles, and damages all adjacent Pokémon in Triple Battles. It also has a 30% chance of paralyzing each of them. While Pichu cannot learn this move, its evolved form, Pikachu, can.

In SSF2, Discharge works differently, being a state Pichu enters once it reaches enough damage. Electro Ball's paralyzing effect while under this state may be derived from Discharge's chance of paralyzing its targets.



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