Dimensional Cape
Dimensional Cape
Kirby symbol
Meta Knight using Dimensional Cape.
Universe Kirby
User(s) SSF2 Meta Knight head
Effect Meta Knight disappears with his cape and teleports away, with the option to slash out of the move.

Dimensional Cape, known in Japan as Dimension Cloak (ディメンジョンマント), is Meta Knight's down special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Meta Knight utters "Fool..." and engulfs himself in his cape and disappears in a magical smoke before teleporting a far distance away. The player can use the directional inputs to choose the location of his return, which will be upward if nothing is pressed. During the time he teleports, he is completely intangible, and he retains this intangibility until reappearing. As he teleports, attacking will cause him to reappear immediately and strike with his sword, which will also cancel the rest of the move. Opponents hit by the sword are dealt 11% damage and decent upward knockback.

The move is useful in how unpredictable its direction can be, though it also suffers from noticeable startup and ending lag that can make it punishable. Additionally, while the optional slash comes out quickly, it also lacks the intangibility granted without using it. The move itself is also useful for recovering from any angle, though it also leaves Meta Knight helpless at the end if used in the air or with the slash at the end. It is used most often at a ledge, as the teleporting portion of the move allows for various edgeguarding techniques. With the correct timing, it is possible to teleport off of the stage and onto the ledge using the move, setting up an edgehog.


Dimensional Cape Origin

Meta Knight teleporting with his cape in Kirby's Adventure.

This move is based on Meta Knight's ability to teleport using his cape in the Kirby games, starting with Kirby's Adventure. Usually, after he is defeated in the games, his mask falls off and reveals a face similar to Kirby's, and he wraps himself in his cape and jumps, disappearing. Meta Knight's use of this technique to perform a sneak attack is plausible, albeit seemingly out-of-character for a swordsman who prides himself on honorable fighting. However, he is never shown to be actually capable of invisibility or teleporting outside of jumping away, and mostly fights without using his cape itself.



Early design


  • The Dimensional Cape also appears in Meta Knight's on-screen appearance, which Meta Knight uses the move to teleport on to the stage.
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