Dash canceling

Pikachu performing multiple dash cancels.

Dash canceling, also referred to as dash-canceling and dash cancelling, is a technique in Super Smash Flash 2 that, hence the name, cancels a character's dashing animation. There are multiple ways to do that. This technique is best performed when dash is mapped to its own key. Characters with great initial dash gain the biggest advantage while performing this.

Ways to dash cancel



Luigi abusing his low traction in order to dash cancel into his forward smash.

Performed by crouching quickly after dashing to either side while still holding the dash button. It will cause the character to go to idle animation, while keeping the momentum from his dash. Characters with low traction, like Luigi, benefit the most from that.

This allows characters to dash forward and quickly pivot with a crouch. This crouch pivot from a dash acts like a backwards-wavedash. This technique is useful for spacing while also giving the player neutral options. The main purpose of this technique is to be an alternative to rolling, because this keeps a character in a neutral position to freely jump, attack, shield, or execute any other action.


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Dash canceling (jumping)

Jigglypuff uses dash canceling while jumping with aerial attacks.

Performed by simply dashing, then pressing the jump button. It can be done anytime after the character exits their idle animation. Characters who have good aerial attacks, such as Meta Knight and Jigglypuff, are able to benefit the most from this. Some of the momentum from the dash is carried into the character's jump if the player keeps holding forwards after the jump, so those with fast dashing speed, like Fox and Sonic also heavily benefit, as mentioned previously. It is also possible to jump cancel into a grab, if done fast enough, or, if the player taps up to jump, an up tilt, up smash, or up special move.

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