This article is about the normal attack. For Wario's side special move, see Shoulder Bash.
Dash attack

Captain Falcon using his dash attack.

A dash attack is simply an attack in Super Smash Flash 2 used while dashing. They are used by pressing the attack button while dashing. Dash attacks typically use the momentum behind the dash to pull of some sort of attack, like a sliding kick. Most dash attacks come out quickly and have great potential for stage control, but have noticeable ending lag and are predictable, making them very easily shield-grabbed.

List of dash attacks

Character Description Damage
Bandana Dee Stabs his spear into the ground, using it to propel himself into the air. 6%
Black Mage Turns to stone as he is falling for a second, then falls flat on the ground. 14%
Bomberman Runs, then trips and falls on the ground on his side. 9%
Bowser Does a running headbutt and falls to the ground, which has properties of a sex kick. 8%
Captain Falcon Rams his shoulder into the opponent, which has properties of a sex kick. 8%
Chibi-Robo Spins around hitting anybody near him with his electrical cord. 6%
Donkey Kong Does a roll on the ground forward. 11%
Falco Leaps a bit off the ground, then slides forward vertically in sex kick form. 6%
Fox Leaps a bit off the ground, then slides forward vertically. 8%
Goku Dashes forward with his elbow outstretched. Base Goku's verson has properties of a sex kick. 8%10%
Ichigo Uses Shunpō and teleports forward with his blade pointed straight in front of him. 10%
Isaac Does a punch forward with the psynergy hand while running. Can hit multiple times. 10%
Jigglypuff Forces her head through foes with a jump dive, which has properties of a sex kick. 8%
Kirby Flips onto his head and rotates in a circular motion while upside down, hitting opponents up to six times with his feet. 1%
Krystal Puts her staff on the ground to kick forward and turn around. Low lag and sends oponents backwards. 9%
Link Slashes the Master Sword in an over-the-head downward arc. 10%
Lloyd Thrusts a sword forward. Based on Sonic Thrust. 11%
Lucario A flying kick. 7%
Luffy Preforms Gum-Gum Bullet (ゴムゴムの銃弾 (ブレット)) and punches downward after a moment of startup. 13%
Luigi Begins to rapidly swing his arms six times towards the opponent, then launches them away with both hands. 2%
Mario Does a sex kick slide tackle along the ground. 7%
Marth A dashing upward diagonal slash. 10%
Mega Man Top Spin: Spins while moving forward, dealing multiple hits. Based on the Top Spin weapon from Mega Man 3. 1%
Meta Knight Does a sliding tackle in midair with his foot. 7%
Mr. Game & Watch Slides his head along the ground while wearing a helmet. Based on Helmet. 9%
Naruto Slides along the ground, then kicks upwards. 2%
Ness Thrusts both hands in front of himself, emitting three bursts of PK energy. 3%
PAC-MAN Transforms into his retro form and chomps at his opponent three times, while covering decent ground with little to no startup or endlag. 3%
Peach Pushes both hands forward, then pulls them apart. 8%
Pichu Leaps a bit, then does a running headbutt. 8%
Pikachu Leaps a bit, then does a running headbutt. 9%
Pit Dashes forward does a quick horizontal slash with his bow. 11%
Rayman Dives to the ground and slides forward, before rolling and standing back up. 9%
Ryu A flying kick. 13%
Samus Rams her shoulder into the opponent. 13%
Sandbag Rolls forward. Has high ending lag. 14%
Sheik Slashes her hands in front of herself. 7%
Simon Dashes while quickly spinning his whip. Deals 5 hits, finishing with very horizontal knockback. 1%
Sonic Goes into a Spin Dash while running, hitting up to three times, then comes out and kicks forwards. 2%
Sora Thrusts his Kindgom Key in front of himself, leaving afterimages of himself. 9%
Tails Goes into a Spin Dash while flying, hitting once, then sharply comes to a stop. 6%
Waluigi Spins multiple times, then poses. 13%
Wario Dives to the ground and slides forward. 11%
Yoshi Rushes forward, head first, ramming opponents, which has properties of a sex kick. 7%
Zelda Thrusts her hands out, embedded with magic. 10%
Zero Suit Samus Performs a sliding sex kick forward with her leg extended. 5%


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