This article is about the normal attack. For Wario's side special move, see Shoulder Bash.
Dash attack

Captain Falcon using his dash attack.

A dash attack is simply an attack in Super Smash Flash 2 used while dashing. They are used by tapping the specific key for moving, and then pressing the attack button. Dash attacks typically use the momentum behind the dash to pull of some sort of attack, like a sliding kick. Most dash attacks come out quickly, but have noticeable ending lag and are predictable, making them very easily shield-grabbed.

List of dash attacks

Character Description Damage
Bandana Dee Stabs his spear into the ground, using it to propel himself into the air. 6%
Black Mage Turns to stone as he is falling for a second, then falls flat on the ground. 14%
Bomberman Runs, then trips and falls on the ground on his side. 9%
Bowser Does a running headbutt and falls to the ground, which has properties of a sex kick. 8%
Captain Falcon Rams his shoulder into the opponent, which has properties of a sex kick. 8%
Chibi-Robo Spins around hitting anybody near him with his electrical cord. 6%
Donkey Kong Does a roll on the ground forward. 11%
Falco Leaps a bit off the ground, then slides forward vertically in sex kick form. 6%
Fox Leaps a bit off the ground, then slides forward vertically. 8%
Goku Dashes forward with his elbow outstretched. 10%
Ichigo Uses Shunpō and teleports forward with his blade pointed straight in front of him. 10%
Isaac Does a punch forward with the psynergy hand while running. Can hit multiple times. 10%
Jigglypuff Forces her head through foes with a jump dive, which has properties of a sex kick. 8%
Kirby Flips onto his head and rotates in a circular motion while upside down, hitting opponents up to six times with his feet. 1%
Krystal Puts her staff on the ground to kick forward and turn around. Low lag and sends oponents backwards. 9%
Link Slashes the Master Sword in an over-the-head downward arc. 10%
Lloyd Thrusts a sword forward. Based on Sonic Thrust. 11%
Lucario A flying kick. 7%
Luffy Preforms Gum-Gum Bullet (ゴムゴムの銃弾 (ブレット)) and punches downward after a moment of startup. 13%
Luigi Begins to rapidly swing his arms six times towards the opponent, then launches them away with both hands. 2%
Mario Does a sex kick slide tackle along the ground. 7%
Marth A dashing upward diagonal slash. 10%
Mega Man Top Spin: Spins while moving forward, dealing multiple hits. Based on the Top Spin weapon from Mega Man 3. 1%
Meta Knight Does a sliding tackle in midair with his foot. 7%
Mr. Game & Watch Slides his head along the ground while wearing a helmet. Based on Helmet. 9%
Naruto Slides along the ground, then lifts one leg up. 2%
Ness Thrusts both hands in front of himself, emitting three bursts of PK energy. 3%
PAC-MAN Transforms into his retro form and chomps at his opponent three times, while covering decent ground with little to no startup or endlag. 3%
Peach Pushes both hands forward, then pulls them apart. 8%
Pichu Leaps a bit, then does a running headbutt. 8%
Pikachu Leaps a bit, then does a running headbutt. 9%
Pit Dashes forward does a quick horizontal slash with his bow. 11%
Rayman Dives to the ground and slides forward, before rolling and standing back up. 9%
Ryu A flying kick. 13%
Samus Rams her shoulder into the opponent. 13%
Sandbag Rolls forward. Has high ending lag. 14%
Sheik Slashes her hands in front of herself. 7%
Simon Dashes while quickly spinning his whip. Deals 5 hits, finishing with very horizontal knockback. 1%
Sonic Goes into a Spin Dash while running, hitting up to three times, then comes out and kicks forwards. 2%
Sora Thrusts his Kindgom Key in front of himself, leaving afterimages of himself. 9%
Tails Goes into a Spin Dash while flying, hitting once, then sharply comes to a stop. 6%
Waluigi Spins multiple times, then poses. 13%
Wario Dives to the ground and slides forward. 11%
Yoshi Rushes forward, head first, ramming opponents, which has properties of a sex kick. 7%
Zelda Thrusts her hands out, embedded with magic. 10%
Zero Suit Samus Performs a sliding sex kick forward with her leg extended. 5%


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