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Link under the darkness effect by one of Ganondorf's attacks on Temple.

Darkness is an effect in Super Smash Flash 2 dealt by certain moves. When the darkness effect gets inflicted on a character, they will be tinted dark purple and smoke will come out of them. The effect only affects characters visually.

Elements that deal darkness damage


Character Move Notes
Bowser Up tilt Only as Giga Bowser.
Ganondorf Dash attack N/A
Back aerial Only when sweet spotted at the explosion on Ganondorf's fist.
Warlock Punch N/A
Flame Choke
Wizard's Dropkick
Kirby Inhale Can copy Warlock Punch.
Waluigi Purple Torpedo N/A


Poké Ball

Poké Ball Pokémon Move Notes
Ditto Transform Can copy playable characters' attacks.