Dark Link's Advance
Dark Link's Advance
Description Defeat your shadow before the darkness envelops you.
Character SSF2 Link head (1 stock)
Opponent(s) SSF2 Link head (1 stock, costume 11, level 9)
Stage(s) Hylian Skies
Time limit 0:50
Dark Link's Advance

Dark Link's Advance is event #17 in Super Smash Flash 2.


Playing as Link, the player must defeat another Link, referred to as Dark Link, on Hylian Skies within a time limit of 0:50. Near the end of the time limit, Hylian Skies will change to the Dark World version of the stage. The player and opponent each have 1 stock.


The ranking the player receives is based on how much time the event takes to be completed. The specific conditions for this are listed below.

Ranking Time
S 0:30 '00
A 0:41 '66
B 0:50 '83
C 1:03 '33
D 1:16 '66
E 1:33 '33
F > 1:33 '33


Dark Link's Advance v0.9
Dark Link's Advance (Early)
The event's two original previews.
  • Due to the 0:50 time limit of this event, it is impossible to score lower than a B ranking without failing the event.
  • When first incorporated into the game, this event was listed as #6.
  • The preview image of this event was changed in Beta 1.2 due to Link receiving new costumes.
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