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Dancing Blade
Dancing blade.png
Fire Emblem symbol.svg
Marth using Dancing Blade.
Universe Fire Emblem
User(s) Marth (Super Smash Flash 2)
Effect Marth performs a slash that can be followed up by a series of directional slashes.

Dancing Blade (マーベラスコンビネーション) is Marth's side special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Marth quickly slashes forward with his sword, which can then be followed up with up to three more slashes with further presses of the special input. After the first slash, each of the three following slashes has three variations with different properties, depending on whether the player presses forward (or neutral), up, or down (except for the second slash, which cannot be tilted down). Counting all hits, this makes for a total of eighteen different combinations of slashes. The direction the move is tilted in is represented by a color that glows from Marth and trails from his sword as he strikes: neutral is red, up is blue, and down is green.

Each slash deals relatively little damage to opponents hit, with the final slash often dealing more damage and knockback than the other three. Additionally, much like with the rest of Marth's moveset, the tip of the blade is a sweet spot that deals more damage and knockback to opponents hit than the base of the blade does. Certain slashes also have special properties: for instance, the first slash causes Marth to rise slightly into the air, and the third slash is a meteor smash when tilted up or down.

Dancing Blade is a useful tool to build up damage with and to refresh Marth's other moves, as each hit comes out relatively fast. The rise of the first slash also makes it useful for horizontal recovery, as well as momentum canceling.



Early design

Marth's special moves
Neutral special move Shield Breaker
Side special move Dancing Blade
Up special move Dolphin Slash
Down special move Counter
Final Smash Critical Hit