Mario's damage meter in Super Smash Flash 2.

The damage meter, also called the damage counter, player display, or HUD, among other names, is a UI element in the Super Smash Flash series displayed during gameplay that presents basic information and status for each player at a glance. True to its name, the meter most prominently keeps track of a player's damage, though other statistics are generally shown here as well.


The damage meter displays, at the bottom of the screen, the damage percentage a player has accumulated, as well as their number of stocks remaining. In a time match, the damage meter will also show when a player wins or loses a point. In Super Smash Flash, these are accompanied only by an icon of the character, while in Super Smash Flash 2 they are superimposed over a background featuring the character's name, and portrait and series symbol. If the player uses a name, it will appear instead of the name of the character.

In SSF2, damage meters become translucent if a character goes behind them. The damage percentage itself changes color when more damage is accumulated. At low percentages, the value is white, but gradually turns pink and becomes reddish. A player's damage percentage will disappear if they are KO'd, and the meter itself will disappear if they lose all of their stocks.

Additionally, the background of a player's damage meter in SSF2 is colored depending on their controller port: for human players, Player 1 is red, Player 2 is blue, Player 3 is yellow, and Player 4 is green, while CPUs are generally a gray color.


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