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Crystal Smash's in-game icon.

Crystal Smash, also stylized as Crystal Smash!, is a Solo minigame that appears in Super Smash Flash 2. Similarly to Target Smash, the objective is to destroy a set amount of crystals before the time runs out.

In Super Smash Flash 2

There are different kinds of crystals, some are bigger and thicker than others and consequently take more time to destroy compared to smaller and thinner crystals, the player has to destroy them strategically in order to not waste time. Depending on the difficulty, the amount of crystals may increase, for instance, some small crystal are located in tricky places where the player may self-destruct should they miss the opportunity to get back on the ground trying to destroy these crystals. Some crystals also form blockades that impede the way up for the player to reach more crystals, requiring the player to forcefully smash them first.

Crystal Smash is the seventh level of Classic mode, appearing as the second bonus round of the game. There is a time limit while playing Crystal Smash in Classic, though it can be played without it on the Stadium. More levels are set to be included in future updates.




  • Crystal Smash is based on the challenge of the same name from the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS-exclusive game mode, Smash Run. A difference between the challenge in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and the bonus round from SSF2 is that crystals in the latter do not drop power-ups when destroyed and do not have weak spots.
    • Although the background and platforms in level 1 of this mode are based on the Crystal Smash! challenge in Smash Run, the platforms in level 2 are instead based on the Climb! final battle from the same game mode.