SSF - Crouching
Kirby and Samus crouching in SSF (left), and Tails, Sonic, Goku, and PAC-MAN crouching in SSF2 (right).

Crouching is a form of movement in the Super Smash Flash series. Crouching is an action that allows the player to perform down tilts, along with dodging some forms of projectiles, and even crawl (only certain characters can crawl). For example, a small character crouching would be able to dodge a Fox's Blaster projectile.

List of crouch heights in Super Smash Flash

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List of crouch heights in Super Smash Flash 2

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This list of characters' crouches from shortest to tallest. These are just estimates of a person's crouch and is subject to change.

  1. Jigglypuff
  2. Kirby
  3. Mr. Game & Watch
  4. Sheik
  5. Pikachu
  6. Mario
  7. Ness
  8. Bomberman
  9. Sora
  10. Wario
  11. Meta Knight
  12. Naruto
  13. Link
  14. Tails
  15. Yoshi
  16. Black Mage
  17. Sonic
  18. Chibi-Robo
  19. Lloyd
  20. Fox
  21. Captain Falcon
  22. Goku
  23. Zelda
  24. Peach
  25. Zero Suit Samus
  26. Marth
  27. Mega Man
  28. Donkey Kong
  29. Simon
  30. Ichigo
  31. Samus



  • Pichu's crouch is the only crouch that can heal itself in Super Smash Flash 2 when left alone for a while.
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