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Kirby and Samus crouching on Emerald Hill Zone.
Tails, Sonic, Goku, and PAC-MAN crouching on Mushroom Kingdom II.
Kirby and Samus crouching in SSF (left), and Tails, Sonic, Goku, and PAC-MAN crouching in SSF2 (right).

Crouching, also known as ducking, is a form of movement in the Super Smash Flash series. Crouching is an action that allows characters to perform new type of attacks, as well as dodging a number of projectiles, such as Fox's Blaster. In Super Smash Flash 2, crouching also allows some characters to crawl.

In Super Smash Flash

In Super Smash Flash, crouching allows fighters to utilize their down attack, a move which unlocks multiple special features such as down attack augmenting.

Due to the game's flawed physics, a bug that causes characters to be able to duck midair exists. If a character falls of a platform while crouching, by running before ducking or by platform dropping, their crouch animation will play. When that happens, characters are unable to move or attack, and need to jump or land on the ground in order to cancel it.

In Super Smash Flash 2

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In Super Smash Flash 2, crouching behaves closer to the Smash series and allows characters to use their down tilt, a simple tilt attack. Characters are unable to crouch midair. Some characters are able to move while crouching by crawling, however.

Unlike the official Smash games, characters in SSF2 can dash cancel by crouching, as well as cancel crouches into dashes, allowing some characters to utilize advanced techniques.