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This article is about Crono's appearance in Super Smash Flash. For the character in general, see Crono.
in Super Smash Flash
SSF Crono.png
Universe CHRONO
Stock icon SSF Crono stock icon.png
Availability Unlockable
Unlock criteria Complete 3-Minute Melee with any character.
Tier A+ (10)

Crono is a playable newcomer unlockable character in Super Smash Flash, coming from the RPG game, CHRONO TRIGGER, whose sprites' appearance also originates from that game. Due to being a silent protagonist in his own game, he uses Roy's voice samples from Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Crono is ranked 10th on the tier list, a single spot lower than his placement on the previous tier list.


Crono is fast and has plenty of disjointed moves, allowing him to quickly overwhelm opponents in a manner similar to InuYasha. Like most swordsmen, he can cancel his horizontal momentum by attacking, increasing his survivability. He also has great instant-KO attacks: his up attack covers an arc above his head, his down air comes out very fast, and his down attack covers great range.

However, again similarly to most swordsmen, Crono lacks a projectile and generally has a difficult time dealing with them. He also lacks the damage-racking abilities of Lloyd, as his moves have a shorter active duration. However, Crono is still a strong character, which is the reason for his high placement on the tier list.

Hard data

Crono's hard data
Base info
Hitstun taken 8 Number of jumps 2
Attack boost 2 Attack length 17
Attack cooldown 18 Health division 14
Horizontal speed 18
Deceleration 1 Attack start speed 0.3x
Acceleration 0.65 Turn around speed 19
Short hopping speed 10 Jumping speed 15
Gravity 1 Falling speed 25
Individual attack data
Standard attack damage 4 Side attack damage 5
Down attack damage 6 Instant-KO value 6
Roll attack speed 24 Jump attack damage N/A


Attack Image Description Damage
Standard attack SSF Crono standard attack - side attack.png Uses his katana to deal a combo of three consecutive slashes. He is able to strike opponents that are found behind him. 4%
Side attack This move reuses the sprites from his standard attack. However, Crono delivers just one slow, but potent single slash with Suzaku. He is also able to strike opponents that are found behind him. 5%
Down attack SSF Crono down attack.png Dives forwards on the ground with his sword outstretched. It is similar to Luigi's Green Missile, even recycling the same the sound effect. 6%
Up attack SSF Crono up attack.png Swings his katana in an arc over his head. 6%
Down aerial SSF Crono down aerial.png Thrusts his sword beneath him. It is similar to Link's down aerial.


  • Though the intended method to face Crono and unlock him is to clear 3-Minute Melee, exploitation of the skip bug has found an easier and faster way to get challenged by him, as well as his other fellow SQUARE ENIX character, Cloud.