Critical Hit
Critical Hit.png
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Marth using Critical Hit on Luigi.
Universe Fire Emblem
User(s) Marth (Super Smash Flash 2)
Type Basic
Effect Marth rushes forward and performs a powerful sword strike on opponents in his way.

Critical Hit (必殺の一撃) is Marth's Final Smash in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Marth holds his sword in the air and then rushes forward at an extremely fast speed. If Marth makes contact with an opponent, he will stop and deliver a powerful, reverse-gripped slash that deals 60% damage and very high knockback, which is often enough to be a one-hit KO. Upon hitting, a gauge will appear below the opponent that starts full at 80 and reduces to 0. However, if Marth misses the strike, he will continue to rush forward until he hits something, or by a press of the special attack button, where he ceases the attack. He rushes forward for a total of one second, and unless there is something in his way, he will often go all the way to the blast line and KO himself, making it a risky move to perform.


The critical hit is a staple feature of many role-playing video games, often being an attack that has a certain ratio of occurrence and deals at least double the current damage done normally. In the case of the Fire Emblem series, critical hits inflict three times the standard damage if performed, accompanied by a unique attack animation. Because it is usually much more than enough to kill an enemy in a single hit, the damage output and particularly the knockback of the Final Smash are extremely high to reflect this. The animation is loosely based on Marth's Critical Hit animation from the first Fire Emblem game, where he was first introduced.

The gauge that appears represents the Hit Point (HP) system used in the series. Its design in SSF2 is based on its design in Fire Emblem Awakening, with 80 units being the maximum possible HP in that game.



Early design

Marth's special moves
Standard special move Shield Breaker
Side special move Dancing Blade
Up special move Dolphin Slash
Down special move Counter
Final Smash Critical Hit
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