Yoshi and Naruto crawling (left), and Luffy and Bomberman pseudo-crawling (right).

Crawling, also referred to as crouch walking, is a form of movement in Super Smash Flash 2 that can be done while crouching. It is done by pressing the left or right controls while holding down the duck button. It can help with approaches.

Additionally, certain characters, such as Kirby and Bomberman, can perform a pseudo-crawl using their down tilt, making them move forward.

List of characters

Below is a list of characters that can crawl and/or pseudo-crawl. Unlisted characters are unable to do either movement.

Character C ¢
Bandana Dee No Yes
Black Mage No Yes
Bomberman No Yes
Bowser Yes No
Goku No Yes
Ichigo No Yes
Kirby No Yes
Lucario Yes No
Luffy No Yes
Luigi Yes No
Mega Man No Yes
Meta Knight No Yes
Naruto Yes No
Pikachu Yes No
Rayman Yes No
Sandbag No Yes
Sheik Yes No
Sonic No Yes
Tails No Yes
Wario Yes No
Yoshi Yes No
Zero Suit Samus Yes No


  • PAC-MAN is the only character in the game that can both crawl and pseudo-crawl.
  • Bowser has the fastest crawl speed in the game.
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