Crash Bomb
CB1 beta
Mega Man symbol
Mega Man firing the Crash Bomb.
Universe Mega Man
User(s) SSF2 Mega Man head
Effect Mega Man fires a grappling bomb that explodes on the walls and opponents it sticks to.

Crash Bomber (クラッシュボム), also referred to as the Crash Bomb, is Mega Man's side special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Mega Man shoots a small grappling bomb that sticks to walls and opponents. The bomb launches in a straight line forwards and at a quick speed, with enough range to travel the entire length of Final Destination. The bomb unleashes a small explosion after a few seconds pass or when the player inputs the command again, dealing 10% of damage to the opponent hit and with decent knockback. Its mechanics make it a great tool for pressuring shields, as a few of these can whittle down opponent's shields a considerable amount.


MM2 Crash Bomb

Artwork of Mega Man shooting a Crash Bomb in Mega Man 2.

The Crash Bomb is a weapon acquired by defeating Crash Man in Mega Man 2. In this game, the player could shoot one bomb at a time that would latch onto walls and explode after a few seconds. The bombs are also the only weapon that can destroy special destructible walls found in most of the stages. It was also the Wily Machine 2's weakness and most effective weapon to use against it. In SSF2 it works exactly like its Mega Man 2 counterpart, except the player can manually explode it instead of waiting.



Early designs


  • Prior to Beta, Mega Man's side special move was instead Proto Shield, and Crash Bomb was one of five special weapons that could be changed into Mega Man's standard special move, Weapon Use, with Weapon Change. However, Weapon Change has since been replaced with Water Wave, thus removing Weapon Use and moving Crash Bomb to his side special move, replacing Proto Shield.
Mega Man's special moves
Standard special move Mega Buster
Side special move Crash Bomber
Up special move Beat Call
Down special move Water Wave
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