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Continue refers to an action in certain Solo game modes of the Super Smash Flash series that is offered after the player runs out of time or loses all of their stocks. Selecting "Yes" will allow the player to continue the mode where they left off with the amount of stocks they started with, though often with a penalty, whereas selecting "No" will lead to a Game Over, ending the mode.

In Super Smash Flash

The Continue screen in SSF.
The Game Over screen in SSF.
The Continue and Game Over screens in Super Smash Flash.

In the original Super Smash Flash, continues can occur in Classic, Adventure, or All-Star. It is offered on a screen showing the player's character after being damaged, with the announcer saying, "Continue?" while a short music track plays. Should the player choose to continue, the character will be briefly shown in their idling animation before the game continues again. However, if the player chooses to quit, then a Game Over will occur, with the announcer saying "Game Over" and a different track playing afterwards. After this screen, the player will return to the title screen. Additionally, a link to the Armor Games website will be present on the Continue screen at all times.

Upon choosing to continue, the player will be penalized by having their total score halved. In addition to losing score, there are also certain unlockable characters, including Super Sonic and Zero, who can only be unlocked after clearing their respective modes without using any continues.

In Super Smash Flash 2

The Continue screen in SSF2.
The Game Over screen in SSF2.
The Continue and Game Over screens in Super Smash Flash 2.

In the reboot, Super Smash Flash 2, continues currently can occur in Classic or All-Star. The continue screen plays a somber music track and shows a light in the shape of the Super Smash Bros. symbol being shone down in a darkened room, with the player's character falling onto the ground as a colorless trophy.

The continue screen has a time limit of ten seconds, and if it ends before the player makes a choice, then it will automatically choose not to continue. If the player chooses to continue, the trophy will then jump onto its base and regain its color before the game continues. However, if the player chooses not to continue, then the screen will darken to be completely black and a Game Over will occur, with the announcer saying "Game Over". After this screen, the player will return to the character selection screen.

Like in SSF, the player's score will be halved upon continuing in SSF2, and there is a bonus deducting 20,000 points from the player's score for using a continue. Additionally, the base of the trophy will lower by one level the first time a continue is used, and Fireworks only explode during the final results screen if no continues are used. There is also now more unlockable content that requires the player to clear Classic without using any continues to be unlocked, including the character Sandbag and the stages Meta Crystal, Hyrule Castle, and World Tournament.