Command Deck
Command Deck
Sora's down special move.
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Command Deck is Sora's down special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Sora can perform one of three different spells: Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder. Each time the move is used, Sora will cycle through the spells and will use the next in the cycle the next time he uses the move. He starts with Fire by default, then switches to Blizzard, then Thunder, and then back to Fire again.



Firaga Beta

Sora using Fire on Mr. Game & Watch, on Twilight Town.

Sora holds the Kingdom Key up and shouts "Fire!" as he summons medium-sized fireballs which revolve around him. If used in midair, Sora can move slightly to either side, which aids his horizontal recovery. This technique is known as Magic Glide. When fresh, Fire deals 15% with good knockback.



Sora using Blizzard on Black Mage, on Nintendo 3DS.

Sora swings the Kingdom Key forward and shouts "Freeze!", unleashing various small, short-ranged ice crystals. This attack deals 1% for each ice shard and freezes opponents hit. Like Fire, this spell can slow down Sora's descent.



Sora using Thunder on Sheik, on Crateria.

Sora points the Kingdom Key diagonally upwards and shouts "Thunder!", firing a lightning bolt from it. It can only hit diagonally in front of Sora, but it deals high damage and knockback and its range makes it useful for punishing landings or as an anti-air option.


KHBBS Command Deck

The Command Deck in KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep.

Commands are a recurring element throughout the KINGDOM HEARTS series that consist of the primary mechanics characters can use in battle, such as attacking, using magic and using items. In KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep, these commands could be equipped in the form of Deck Commands, which could then be assigned to a menu called the Command Deck. On the menu, these commands would be mapped to a single button and the player must cycle between them to select which one is active. Unlike in SSF2, this would happen manually, and after using a command, it goes through a cool-down period before it can be used again. The menu also contained a base command at the bottom, which is permanently assigned to a separate button and cannot be switched with other commands mid-game.

Aesthetically, the Command Deck menu that appears in SSF2 is nearly identical to how it looks in KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep Final Mix, albeit without the base Attack command.

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  • Prior to Command Deck being included, the three spells were separated into Sora's moveset, with Fire used as Sora's standard special move, Blizzard his back throw, and Thunder his down special move. As Sora's moveset was almost completely reworked, Fire was scrapped in v0.9b, and Blizzard and Thunder were scrapped in Beta.
  • Even prior to that, the three spells were used as Sora's standard special move at the time, Magic Cast, where they would be cycled between using his down special move at the time, Magic Swap. As this setup was thought by the developers to be crammed and uninspired, it was removed in v0.8a.
    • Command Deck as a move is directly inspired by this setup, using the same spells and cycling them in the same order.
Sora's special moves
Standard special move Strike Raid
Side special move Flowmotion
Up special move Aerial Recovery
Down special move Command Deck
Final Smash Trinity Limit
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