Not to be confused with string, a sequence of attacks that do not leave the opponent in hitstun for the entire time.

A combo (not to be confused with a string) is a sequence of attacks that do not allow the opponent an opportunity to break out of hitstun. Combos are not necessarily guaranteed however - many factors play into their effectiveness, such as DI, SDI, teching, damage, weight and timing of the attacks.


Combos exist in every Super Smash Bros. game at some level, and are a crucial technique for both mid-level and high-level play. They are considered as a large factor when deciding a given character's placement on tier lists.

In Super Smash Flash 2

Creative combos were not possible in the Super Smash Flash series until demo v0.5a, when the engine's knockback physics were retooled specifically to allow them. In Super Smash Flash 2, characters were not coded by developers with combos in mind until v0.7 (bar v0.5a's Sonic). Prior to v0.5a, strings were very prominent and were actually referred to as combos by most of the community. All characters since the engine re-haul have been designed with the combo mechanics in mind, but some are designed to do so better or worse than others.

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