Climate Changes
Climate Changes
Description Crateria's conditions are worsening. Defeat your foe - and avoid the acid rain, or else!
Character SSF2 Zero Suit Samus head (2 stocks, red team)
Opponent(s) SSF2 Marth head (2 stocks, blue team, level 9)
SSF2 Luigi head (2 stocks, blue team, level 9)
SSF2 Goku head (2 stocks, blue team, level 9)
Stage(s) Crateria
Climate Changes

Climate Changes is event #44 in Super Smash Flash 2.


Playing as Zero Suit Samus, the player must defeat a team consisting of Marth, Luigi, and Goku on Crateria. The acid rainstorm hazard of Criteria is altered for this event so that it now deals 17% damage each hit, and it is also a powerful meteor smash. This makes it much more dangerous to get hit by, as it can easily KO the player or opponents if they do not hide from it. The player and opponents each have 2 stocks.


The ranking the player receives is based on how much time the event takes to be completed. The specific conditions for this are listed below.

Ranking Time
S 1:02 '66
A 1:06 '66
B 1:10 '00
C 1:16 '66
D 1:25 '00
E 1:30 '00
F > 1:30 '00


Climate Changes (Early)

The event's original preview.

  • The preview image of this event was changed in Beta 1.2 due to Zero Suit Samus receiving new costumes.
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